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1 ° The active music esperanto illuminates human emotional immensity unifies

2 ° The cultural operation is incomplete if it does not take into account the high value of the music

3rd immeasurable distance between the natural laws known relativistically and all the laws of human societies

4th Very useful technological progress if inserted in expanding knowledge of the naturalness

5 ° A value to be understood and agreed to be taken up by the human totality

6th humanity Superba partiality; ONLY small part of the wonderful planetary totality

7th L 'Humanity does not want to realize the obvious natural Copernican revolution not a loss but huge conquest of an awareness

8 ° not a hierarchical pyramid apex impossible but an amazing wonderful relativistic fabric connections

9th Animal kingdom and kingdom VEGETABLE equal basis important for the ecological balance

10th gratifying Sexuality naturalness of an astonishing harmonic whole life

11° The most serious environmental disasters, the most recent perverse effects caused by unbalanced human intelligence

12 ° This planet can not support the natural balance required too many arrogant polluters

13 ° ground fragment of breath galaxy that goes from past to future personally humanly I could also scrub

14 ° It is an absurd contradiction to the divine love assumed a hell without end

15th Mythology idolatry humanized the image of a God-Man

16 ° Call for a coward behavior Christian Beatitudes. How much aching sadness!

17th Indiscindibile natural mode depressing the Socket unit hubris of boys conciliar

18th Papacy only one component of the varied human society. Deo Gratias!

19 ° Unidirectional asphyxiated the great culture of the enormous Cacciari. Such a pity!

20 ° Emily Hobhouse, English, immense example of women's courage. It opposed the arrogance of the royal family, united with that of the government led by Churchill

21 ° Nothing and no one has more value and dignity of me I do not have anything more than another or others

Grave, unbalancing blindness
that constantly accompanies
thought and human activities
right from 'start evolutionary.
influential abnormally
the share intellectual
on 'huge majority
of people.
historical events
They have to be reconsidered
to the light
of new knowledge
the immensity of the cosmos

insurmountable wall
consolidated over the millennia
It protects the arrogance
many blind
see well

by overwhelming the natural sicumere
concrete path
to enter into new
cosmic knowledge
its long-continued workings
for an understanding
ever deeper
and extended
for active
personal achievement (Č.B.)

Deep and extended the ongoing commitment
for a knowable that embraces today's concreteness
with causes distant and neglected

Caleb Scharf of Columbia University Center Director dell'Astrobiology

The human cognitive path
reveals wonders
that pierce joyous
The old-established ignorances
Enrichments that gratify
Careful thought.
surprising unexpected
the cognitive expansion revealed
Stefano Mancuso
wonderful epiphany
notes that even plants
they thinking head
like many higher animals
huge piece that expands the intimacy
with planetary fabric
the amazing connective network
that illuminates the exciting beauty
harmonizes vivid glimpses
The world to which we belong.
Natural frameworks,
no visionary buildings.

Stefano Mancuso director of the Neurobiology Laboratory International Plant

Humility 'AND PRIDE
Said Paul
neither Jew nor greek
neither bond nor free,
the overwhelming inexorable
flood the centuries
the human way of knowing
allow us to say
They are not Muslim
neither Buddhist nor Christian
even Shinto Hindu
They are not French
neither Italian nor Canadian
even Chinese Nigerian
not me I diminish
I do not I oppose
I not anoint me
of foolish arrogance.
Straining to understand
I urge you to reflect
inclined to love
humbly proudly
I have extensive roots
extreme Thule
Tierra del Fuego
from where the sun rises
on occaso
spread roots to absorb
nourishment to meditate
allow the rise
to the mystical heights
reinforce the intimacy
with the sun and other stars,
I do not just
I am human
corporeal incorporeal
aware crumb
of infinity.
I live my time
in time of the terrestrial universe
in my short stay
in cruel limits
I live up the waves
the singing of breezes storms
the green fields
the verse of the robin
the harborin me all events
are the prehistory
sapiens my father
erectus his grandfather
I am the fulfillment
They are history
the transient final stage
of human history
unconscious conscious
each of us is
has in thousands of years
of more or less important facts
provisionally decisive.
I live day by day
in my cruel limits
the run of the aurora
the seasons ride
the circle of stars
the embrace of love
the widening of knowledge
the harmonious beauty
the birth mother
thoughtlessly devastated
the meanness of the powers
the inhumanity of the powerful
the infamy of exploitation
theft of rights
ferments aspirations
torn from filth
that surrounds us we scrub,
the reappearance of wonder
the stubborn bloom againthe hopes of the ideals
the tough go
the path to the inevitable
total balance
the total flow of life
impassive in the slow solemn
pace of evolution. (Č.B.)

Published in 2008 on "Person People et cetera"

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