domenica 26 luglio 2009


We are a group of Messina (Italy) known as “EQUINOXDAY”. We support with great enthusiasm to the initiative of the WORLD MARCH for Peace and non violence in the hope that it can sensitize the mind and heart of a great number of Persons.

The universal values can make only through humble attempts of conviction and not with drastic impositions of law. In point of fact, is dutiful to make compatible the cultural differences with the fundamental principles of man. The institutions cannot and mustn’t order through the force of the law, but must select those behaviours from absolute prohibition to the free choice. For the “multiculturalism ” expressed in Canada in 1971 as official policy, all men had dignity apart from the race, religion, sexual behavior. After initial enthusiasm, there was subsequently a gradual change.Today the “multiculturalism ” must integrate, promote the contacts, develop the relations between monoculture. It is a precursory sign of the future humanity who is capable to create an human amalgam without ideological supremacy or noble heritage. So it is necessary to revive the proposal of way which takes to the equilibrium of the terrestrial reality, revaluing the common ideals. Certainly would useful found a festivity for all people called “celebration of the Equinox”.The day of the equinox is the symbol of the equality, in fact the length of the day is equal the length of the night. It would a day of concrete symbols of cohesion and respect to race, religion and culture. It may celebrated on 21 March thanks to the request of the O.N.U to the national governments.
* FOTO : " Uniti per la pace nel mondo" - Bozzetto di Annita Mechelli.

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