martedì 30 agosto 2016


In complexity and in the tragedies of the contemporary world could be considered inappropriate to reconsider that part of the national anthem of Germany, which puts the Germans above all other peoples of the world (Uber alles in der Welt). It rises a seemingly insignificant reflection but in the concreteness of everyday life reveals the dramatic causes that characterize serious ignominy, among these should be added the industrialization of prostitution ignominiously institutionalized and operating in many German cities.
The arrogance of those nations that want to consider being part of a pyramidal top away for the most part of the world population expectations for a dynamic equilibrium.
Unequivocally confirmed the painful conviction that does not reach the desirable dynamic sharing of planetary biological and physical components for many more centuries. Many bombastic speeches that unfortunately will not eliminate sugary poisons that pragmatically are widespread on all surfaces and planetary depth. It is possible to advance a hope that could start the execution of an idealized path that assumes a praying awareness for a sufficient percentage of human beings. People who have the audacity to include in their thoughts and in their operation utopias above.
The ideals elaborated by they could be accepted as an interim stage of a high confined Ventotene path for a valid significance only in that tragic period of history. If we do not realize that this planet is and demonstrates a constitutional unit it is perfectly inconclusive develop beliefs that will always be partial and drastically unrealistic for an amazing luminous reality that embraces this wonderful little planet on which we are fortunate to be able to live. Concretely, we must not forget that our country is not a piece of hard rock as the nearby moon, but a balanced operational complexity in the totality of the biological and physical components and therefore subject to all the many vicissitudes of everyday life.
Unfortunately, there is that part among a minority of humanity that arrogantly covering the pyramid apex of intelligence, the so-called culture of meritocracy, of the many awards bestowed richly experienced in limited characters, sectoral visions that enhance irrelevant aspects for a dutiful progress knowledge, only the most Biego power and narrow due to the acquisition of considerable economic possession. The remaining large proportion, almost amorphous MUST serve food, consolidate the ignorant self consideration of those few.HUMANITY 'AND' ONLY A PART OF THIS PLANET. NO OTHER BREED ANIMAL HAS DETERMINED THE DEAD AND DESTRUCTION AS THOSE MADE HUMAN intelligence.
The myriad of ignominy and disaster cancel preposterous, arrogant and ignorant behavior. Gimmicks fielded by human society we can consider them, pathetic attempts to reduce the painful realization of human hubris. Painful, depressing often anguishing personal statement to be a component of this ignorant and arrogant humanity.
Truly the statements expressed surprising Sergio Marchionne in the interview published on Rai News24 August 27, 2016. "The markets without morals can not create equitable society. Create conditions for a virtuous change is the real challenge of our time to rebuild efficient and equitable economies, separate but interconnected ".A compendium of rai news 24 explicit operational criteria to be observed with great attention and respect:" There 's a limit beyond which profit becomes greed. "
Unnecessary, counterproductive labels, hoisted flags to enhance, magnify, however, constantly limited acceptable behavior, confined in extremely tight areas, totally irrelevant in a planetary context. One area that expands and deepens the deep connective tissue, the relational network that unifies naturally blends biology and physicality of this planet.
Only if we realize the utter insignificance of this fascinating planet, revealing the sum of biological and physical insignificanze coincident with the insignificance of the galaxy of which we are part, only on that basis we may begin to ideal expectations of a planetary magnificence that can be realized even if partially, certainly not before some of the centuries to come, but hopefully before the final term of five billion years of life expected for our home.
At any rate I confirm what was previously written on 18 04 16 ie at the end of my life, my remains shall not move from any place of worship and not suffer any kind of unnecessary funeral. I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered in accordance with current regulations. Neither tears nor prayers, but no sign will go unnoticed. I would like to what has been written that were considered mere preface to a great number of deductions and reflections that every human being in the freedom of thought and ineradicable dignity believes should be developed and implemented.

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