martedì 4 ottobre 2016


In the early 70s he had formed the so-called Club of Rome, which had proposed some objectives to be achieved in a fairly short time. The proposals and the resulting operational unfortunately were quickly forgotten. In this regard it seems appropriate to write down a page of my paper published in 2008 in Person People et cetera published by Armando Siciliano which incorporates succinctly some idea of ​​the club.

"Wanting matter cosmological considerations that can affect pragmatic visions, behaviors of every human being and the consequent public institutions we need to focus on a real indisputable fact. Humanity is only a part a component of terrestrial realities, important component, very important but always part of a whole, related, harmonious. can not assume the right to do and undo at will, at its sole utility. the extrahuman has the sacred right to respect on the part of every human being and of humanity as a whole .................................................. we can not but dall'auspicare with determination principles that should be observed and strictly practiced by all those people and institutions that aim to bring utopia to concrete, tangible reality. "

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