domenica 31 gennaio 2016


Long and profound reflection I have confirmed what I had long troubled me deeply and that is that anthropocentrism could be counted among the many psychiatric disorders that afflict a part of humanity, such as severe schizophrenia, paranoid delusions and other perhaps less serious conditions like psychosis and various personality disorders. The anthropocentrism which superbly puts man at 'apex of a pyramid impractical, is a disorder that mainly affects the educated class, or to be more precise the part of this class arrogantly believed to be the apex of that pyramid.
The three guidelines that have supported me are free to think that it can not admit absolutism, and that of these has even horror, logic and rationality framed in 'viewing angle of relativism, it highlighted in detail and repeatedly confirmed by Einstein and successors.
From a statistical point of view I could hazard a guess that only less than 1% of the human population may be variously infected by this serious state of mind of which we are reflecting. The large amount of humanity to modest, conscientious self consideration is immune from that proud, ignorant arrogance that clouds stunning evidence and destroys thousands and thousands of pages published and appreciated.
Fundamental and priority to make a clear distinction between the natural laws that govern inflexibly and harmoniously all that is beyond human laws, while the latter must properly consider variables over time and in different parts of human society; the latter are evidently immeasurably distant from the laws of nature and operate in totally different fields, while not forgetting that humanity is part of the various planetary constituents.
I would say determinately that everything that is natural is worthy of consideration incontestable, does not need hypocritical glazes and subterfuge which in fact diminish and cancel the admirable excellence that permeates them and connects them to the totality of the planetary network.
This reciprocal relationship between the natural laws and the activities of the various sections included in the human variable rate should target the obligatory ecological balance.
Such as the evacuation of faeces and urine, are immediate signs of life and vitality, only in graveyards these natural events do not exist; consequently we not arricciamo disdainfully nose in front of the facts simply natural. The nudity present in sculptures and paintings, are obvious signs that reproduce artistically meaningful naturalness. Signs of personal privacy and modesty deserve due respect.
It is difficult to predict, that anthropocentrism can find a human consciousness that corrects that 'ignorant pride, contagious that part of humanity that is fortified in personal excellence. How many centuries will be needed to reduce the swagger that clouds the minds that are fortified by narrow values ​​abundantly distributed by those who have the means and ability to pay to pollute free behavior of most of the world population? Perhaps the forces of nature-oriented tend to 'balance will force the arrogant ignorant to resize the modest human intelligence that has been and is over-valued by those few who feel empowered to stand at the apex of the pyramid. The decisive intervention of balancing naturalness unfortunately will extend to the rest of humanity innocent. This encourages us to tackle pragmatically with commitment, for general convenience, the arrogant behavior that saturates anthropocentrism.

Difficult for the mind of Augustine let the trinity in monotheism as has shown the child on the shoreline.
The frog will not reach the bulk of the ox also swelled to the maximum.
Two common artifacts, a cistern and a bucket, even using resourceful cunning, can not enter between the contents of the tank into the bucket.

very welcome comments and criticisms of what is published.

Given the particular importance of what in extreme necessary synthesis has been exposed, I feel particularly necessary articulated, critical interconnected.

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