lunedì 11 gennaio 2016


Our small world, is a wonderful physical and biological unit; all parts are filled with value and dignity, harmoniously distributed and needs should be balanced operating. Limiting ourselves to share the human animal, the state of current knowledge we can infer that the said share makes use of some basic qualities that are not owned by the rest of the animal. These skills can group them synthetically in a coordinated method that goes by the freedom of thought that horror for enhanced certainty and absolutism preposterous and continues in human logic, in human rationality, acceptable for high height percentage; what has been said we must add the important share of humor and satire that aim to reduce and possibly reset the unbearable, ignorant hubris that pollutes and contaminates. It follows that any human being who acquires and uses what has been said, should be used properly, a balanced acquisitions that have become personal wealth of knowledge. The personal acquisitions, of course, would be brought to the attention of as many people as possible. This method can not and should not be perceived as an insult by those who are aware and which may differ. Only the abnormal use of modest intelligence which is fitted to the human race, can allow violent reactions and highly criminal and disgraceful. Criticism also the most drastic can be adequately, appropriately used to not accept or disagree in all the fuller human inferences drawn from facts incontrovertible. As said, in my opinion are the priorities to take ever-present. The countless distinctions, the numerous distinctions are inexorably after and should not forget that it is a priority. Total full solidarity and partnership with the ideals of the whole group that embodies HEBDO.

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