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Twenty-four of September
nineteen seventy-nine
Only a few decades
The time that has passed
Not millennia or centuries
Veil the memory.
Not yet the fog of the years
It reduces the ignominy
It makes the plaintive cry of pain
The forcibly repressed anger
In the square in Chajul
Small human community
Wonderful exemplary union
Of people and nature
In the land of Guatemala
Terra looted
In unity with other nations
The other ancient civilizations
That under the skies of the Americas
They are suffering and enjoying life.
Petrocinio tender plant
A few springs
active catechist
solidarity agonizes
Among other unfortunate companions
Private inhumanly even a small sign
Pitiful a cireneo
A Veronica.
tragic stage
To forced helpless spectators
Horrified relatives and acquaintances
And the painful mother.
Fifteen terrible days
The Way of the Cross of Petrocinio
The atrocious torture
Meticulously prepared the sufferings
Evidence to show the fatal
With Kaibeles employees
The bloody curtain
That opens and closes
ravine flambé
The final solution.
Everything is consumed
The painful mother
No longer is
A crying child
You can go home
Prepare for atrocities
that soon
She will suffer

I consider it necessary for a 'structured use of human intelligence, although unequivocally modest, look for in a terse equilibrium path to frame events and reflections that Cercino to follow certain paths in the most coherent and balanced approach. This does not forgetting human circumscribed possibilities in ever reduced perimeters although subject to extensive deductions.
 The description of a tragic incident that proves sorrowfully ignoble behavior found in many dictatorships. It is difficult, however, to find in the literature and history of human groups execrable dictatorships in behaviors that can be pushed closer to the behavior of kaibeles, criminal operational arm of the Guatemalan dictatorship. The difference between the immense crime of kaibeles Guatemalans with painful shame imparted to Petricionio Mencius and his unfortunate companions is immensely different in duration and cruelty that it can be compared to the painful but brief sufferings of Christ ended with the crucifixion. The difference is not a trivial matter is that Petrocinio and companions are insignificant beings as Christ in the conception of that precise religion is both man and God. The way of the cross ended with the death by crucifixion was the millennia scrolled continuously enhanced by precicua the difference already known. Deeply we recognize that the quality of various artistic events connected with the death of Christ are almost always expressed with artistry of high value. As I said unfortunately confirms underestimated suffering of an insignificant human being but in fact and in essence it is a creature of the eternal immensity. The human reality of Petrocinio Mencius can not find evidence in built dual nature of Christ is and also he remains a creature of the eternal immensity. Human greatness of Christ and his human although short sufferings remains intangible. Also important is the part of the mother's pain. For objective does not, however insignificant the dramatic connectivity, painful fate suffered by the mother of Petrocinio. In continuation of the crime of kaibeles, shamefully inhumane, inhumanity difficult to reach, after incredible cruelty, the mother under a tree has agonized suffering ignoble behavior on the part of the custodians and after meal for dead wild animals.

The garrison on the corpse has persisted until it has not been even a small fragment of bone of the unfortunate mother. The above can give rise to many reflections. We trust in the insight and the attention of the readers that they can develop balanced reflections and insights on what has been said succinctly.

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