martedì 8 novembre 2016


It is presented to the general attention of mankind unsuspected cognitive enlargement. The immense importance of human knowable offers us learning the role the plant kingdom will improve the ability to know the planetary whole. This initiative is being developed thanks to a group of researchers working in close contact. Just mention Frantisek Baluska of Bonn agrarian faculties and Stefano Mancuso director of the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology of Florence.
This unexpected glimpse enhances cognitive deductions that had already been put forward by Darwin and that is the crucial role that the plant kingdom has in the life of our planet. From a practical point of view it is acceptable to report certain subject of repeated data and controlled research. E 'was found, in fact, that there is a group of cells allocated in the root apices of the plants that communicate useful information to the life of single plant and other even if not belonging to the same species. Put in place a coordinated transmission that is comparable to that of animals neural tissues. It is established that existing plants are the most ancient living things on earth; of them we see only the visible part with our human eyes, but the essential factuality is not only what we see rise from the ground. By precise measurements we know that plants make up more than ninety-nine percent of the Earth's living. The foregoing highlights an aspect of the planetary whole that had not yet been revealed. A partial correction we find that Darwin had already glimpsed the essential role that the plant kingdom has on planetary totality; the revolutionary key to understanding the immense cognitive subversion is present in his Power of movements in Plants, book destined to change the history of botany
One of the crucial aspects of the immense role played by the plant stake in vital global operations further enhanced by something that to my knowledge has not been duly evidenced; as we know the life processes of all animality produce significant amounts of polluting waste and a huge waste of financial resources for the mandatory disposal, the life of the plant is totally free from this natural operations. Millennia of prejudices and false concepts condition our evaluative references to the plant kingdom. Intelligence is a prerogative that has been attributed only to humans because it is linked, made to coincide with abstract thinking or in any human cognitive ability (???); decidedly, concretely it was deduced that intelligence is a constant and unavoidable prerogative of every form of life, even that which animates the humblest living organism.
We had mentioned that the apical form the key part that allows plant life. These apices form a network so that the destruction of a part also relevant organism plant does not compromise the survival of the plant and of the network itself.
The all valid arguments are many but for me layman just think simply because suggested. I therefore urge all those who want to know the exclusive prerogatives of the plant world to inform themselves about the many details carefully.
The above is a further reduction of human intellectual ability in fact sorrowfully modest and saturated with that arrogance that cloaks the minimum percentage of smart and super super educated.

The human cognitive path
reveals wonders
that pierce joyous
The old-established ignorances
Enrichments that gratify
Careful thought.
surprising unexpected
the cognitive expansion
the role of the plant kingdom
wonderful epiphany
notes that even plants
they thinking head
like many higher animals
huge piece that expands
intimacy with the planetary fabric
deepening of amazing connective network
that illuminates the exciting beauty
harmonizes vivid glimpses
The world to which we belong.
Natural frameworks,
no visionary buildings.

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