giovedì 17 marzo 2016


Painful use of exciting nationalist businesses. Raising awareness, increasing its depth, its expansion can be attributed to all humanity. Consider petty and simplistic to attribute to a small nationalist community's continuing commitment to a humanity that is eroded in petty perimeters. The active human commitment not conscripted into preposterous limits is the expression of that humanity included in the natural boundaries between the conscious and the insignificance superb conceit that he can not perceive the natural active evidence.

"All that we are learning moves us towards a new scientific position with regard to our place in the universe, which is different from both the Copernican principle and from the anthropic. We could call chaotic cosmos principle, where the cosmos is to be understood in the exception of the original Greek kosmos, meaning "order" we are caught between order and chaos. "

"I think unlikely that man is the center of the universe, in the sense both astrophysical and metaphysical. But that does not mean that the trajectory followed by life to emerge and thrive in our case may present unusual items. "

Are reflections expressed by Caleb Scharf; some of the many openings on what indicates concrete reflections of a past billions of years, and an equally long future. Precise inferences drawn from carefully conducted observations. Considerations from his very interesting "Complex of Copernicus". As previously specified Caleb Scharf is the director of 'Astrobiology Center of the prestigious Columbia University.

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