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The complex reading and arduous staff comprehensibility of the interesting "Complex of Copernicus" Caleb Sharf director of 'Astrobiology Center of the prestigious Columbia University, has fearlessly encouraged me to put the following post to my blog

Book selected as previously posted by other "1543" self published in November 2015 in collaboration with CopyAlfa Messina page 58

For several years now, some of my thoughts were constantly kept in mind with my considerable distress in view of the serious outcomes that would lead me; Unfortunately, following this my humble logical thread - rationalistic, in the general context of relativism in which we are no doubt surrounded, did not reduce my concern about the tragic results which I was instinctively led to envisage. I am unfortunately compelled, dramatically, sorrowfully and with great humility to accuse the whole of humanity, beginning with myself to an aberrant and totally blind mental state and resulting behavioral crimes to all biological and physical totality of the planet.
We have set up more or less unconsciously but with petty superficiality, tragically, Real sorrowfully, a criminal ignominious dictatorship of humanity on the planetary whole that cancels the little or much good that humanity had achieved in the past. Ignorantly, superbly we have forgotten that we are one of the constituent parts of the whole planet, properly and consciously humble part only, and we should constantly maintain awareness of this indisputable fact. one should not forget that each fractionation, despite the insignificance of each planetary dial, has its ineradicable dignity and worth, fortified by the freedom of thought; from the human point of view, this dignity is possessed the most out of every single component and can not be underestimated. The enhanced and exciting achievements of the technique can not in any way minimize the dignity and value of all the Earth's complex articulated in all the physical and biological components, including humanity .no privilege, right, may be invoked to justify such unbalancing unconsciousness, the 'impractical and unacceptable anthropocentrism, which in my humble human conscientiously judgment can be classified as a very serious mental illness that infects that part of humanity that is believed arrogantly above the vast majority of living beings. We must feel the undeniable duty to correlarci equal basis with all the biological and physical components of the planet. Make us humbly recognize that this dictatorship of our human race terrestrial environment, sull'obbligatorio balance is shameful for the entire planet, starting with the same humanity. In fact it has established a perverse union between the authentic dictatorships and democracies vaunted saturated excelled, exclusive quality. Union superb, petty, selfish that is destroying pragmatically other environmental components, making the most of natural resources and often destructively.
A large army equipped with means abnormally powerful sucking essential resources for diversified, balanced life of the whole planet with a majority advantage of authentic dictators and democratic bogus. Steal resources that are around the ALIKE planetary living, all clumsily involved for the arrogant pride of a few, in fact, mean and disarming, both authentic dictators who dressed up dictators of democracy, which presumably will keep for indefinite times the criminal gap between those who have too much, too much, too and who almost nothing. The unconscious and repeated invitation to the numeric generative expansion is another clear sign of dictatorial methods; It has always been the common invitation of dictatorships to procreate at the most and find strength in numbers and not authentic, indisputable values. Even Bergoglio did not recoil from this orientation.
Human intellectual dowry even if it was fifty, a hundred times greater than the present one would be insufficient to constantly deepen and widen adequately knowledge of the total reality, immeasurably more profound and articulated cultural musings of a few "super intelligent", constantly pervaded by arrogance indigestible.
As said, is for me the ultimate synthesis of a fact totally impractical and unacceptable. But the building, unconscious imbalance remains intact for a necessary, fundamental rethinking.

Natural mandatory consolidated statement of my old age with the consequent progressive degeneration of my brain neurons and their synaptic disconnection, hurried my operation previously manifested.
Thanks for reading, sorry and forgive us certainly many shortcomings.
Sincerely obliged Carmelo

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