giovedì 31 marzo 2016


Relativistically, drastically prejudice in these areas we can say that there are three fundamental characteristics possessed by mankind. To begin with we reflect on the fact that characterizes quell'eclatante human characteristic that is the free thinking; this can not be restricted by legal constructions or various constraints. Free thought has horror of preposterous absolutism, of persuasive ruminations fielded by characters who are self considered super intelligent and remarkable cultural qualities. Following the important relativistic dowry human logic with that precise determined that the guide wire in the nursery of very complex experiential acquisitions and often discordant. To finish the relativistic rationality always obliged to seek, to determine the perimeters in which the ongoing commitment to connect the many details that make up the immensity of past and present of the enormous wealth of knowledge.
It is evident that mankind is a part of all the biological and physical complex of this planet. The presence, human activity, has quite recently taken unimaginable proportions some millennia ago, when the aberrant belief of man in the universe King could be supported by the ingratitude of concrete facts. The basic characteristics mentioned above are only a part although of enormous prevalence of the human cognitive Kit. Consequently, we can add to the fundamental characteristics of the so-called talents that mobilize the lives of individual human beings. The foregoing can not, must not be a narrowly hierarchy which cancels the intrinsic values ​​of everything below the apex hierarchical. Not un'improponibile, unacceptable pyramid but a sublime connective tissue, an amazing network involving all the biological and physical components of this planet, a unique dignity; a dignity that harmonizes simplicity in operation and specific individual components of the planetary whole.

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