martedì 17 maggio 2016


I transcribe what was published in 2005 in "Heart Sovvertitor and morals", the final part reflecting a series of inferences drawn from elementary widespread knowledge observations

Our world is a planet that occupies a small part of a universe whose spatial extension is immense, a universe that does not find its beginning, its creation in super quoted Big Bang; This can be considered an evolutionary event of a "something" that has always existed or that existed before. The above leads us to reconsider inexorably cosmological paintings behaviors that have reigned uncontrollably in the past; ... Tommaso Campanella in a letter to Galileo in 1614 and wondered already watched "you can not philosophise without a real and determined the de'mondi construction system, such as you expect; and already all things are called into question much that sapemo s'il talk is talk "... .from those imaginative cosmological paintings were born conceptions, ideologies, human behavior, theological insights that honesty would were consistently revised to be updated so that the human being, in humility, it becomes that it is "only" a thrilling magnificent expression, a large terrestrial bias dispersed in an "infinite" unimaginable, probabilistically populated by other beings with even superior to ours.
For many years, for a 'high percentage of my years I absorbed, I was made to absorb (with a good dose of quiet acquiescence on my part) the general mindset that did not take account of all that knowledge, new knowledge that would have enriched day after day the personal ability of a conceptual enlargement; the mental work imposed on me all the time, with hard work and with the necessary rigor, to counter the pernicious infectious germs led me to a discovery, humbly, of the causes of the conceptual fog and the elimination of germs likely responsible, the possibility that other germs having always present can act to pollute from other sides of the conceptual framework. The main action of rationality should consist in my opinion, trying to understand what is fundamental, primary to free all the lids, fouling, sub successive constructions which distort or even overturn the foundations on which the existence of each one of us and of human society as a whole.
It is the individual, the person the protagonist, but the humble protagonist, of human reality; society, institutions with all the burdens of the rules, the laws and their duties and rights are only successive and serve to regulate the existence of a single protagonist who can not afford to ignore each other, to overwhelm, to exploit it. Only (I am convinced) when most of the people will become aware of what is said can begin the real progress of humanity.
Nobody can claim to possess the absolute truth, to possess her own or supported, abetted by illuminations, revelations or more that can be put in a position of supremacy over other and there can be who has the right to impose its vision of considering himself authorized (by whom?) to determine what is good what is evil; the person with their own conscious judgment is able to tell if he will. The laws, regulations intervene on committed criminal offenses, that is when the staff conscious judgment has ignored and trampled the presence and the right of the other rights.

Humanity has a duty to realize that it is just part of the whole complex of the Earth actually boasts of having the gift of rationality (no one doubts) has the specific task of taking into account the total land use context; not destroy, exploit senselessly a natural balance that has governed the life of the fine earth from birth and in the course of evolution, and this is in the immediate interest consideration that the generations to come ....continue

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