giovedì 19 maggio 2016


Humanity has a duty to realize that it is just part of the whole complex of the Earth actually boasts of having the gift of rationality (no one doubts) has the specific task of taking into account the total land use context; not destroy, exploit senselessly a natural balance that has governed the life of the fine earth from birth and in the course of evolution, and this is in the immediate interest consideration that the generations to come. The much-vaunted love, extolled in words but in fact betrayed, must be addressed also to living beings, our fellow travelers, and the physicality that makes possible human life and the love that gives life. For love, just for love must reduce that imbalance caused by the superb human supremacy; the era anthropocentric as it was called (by Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen), aggravated, denatured, dehumanized by '' technological ecumenism "(as defined by the philosopher Hans Jonas, which presupposes a strict principle of accountability, ethics for technological civilization), in which the technological objects take absolute value than the value of natural resources necessary for production, it will bring in the future (the signals are already clearly visible) that colossal disasters. Attempts are bland, not very efficient are only palliatives that do not cure the causes of the disease.
Against that background, it must enter the obvious observation that the earth's resources can not fairly adapt, just like that, in contradiction to what are the rights of the person, the disparities are even more colossal than they are in place. You can not be in fact free and you do not have the possibility of the use of appropriate means to their theoretical freedom. No "civilization," no nation can claim the right to stand as a guide, the gendarme of all humanity because this insults, deep down, the remaining; any wealth, any arrogant supremacy is also causing material damage, a criminal robbery against those who do not have the opportunity to compete, to fight, proper layout. The shame for all humanity is made even worse when trying to impose "high mission" the most striking manifestation of all the violence, oppression and exploitation, the use of criminally inhuman strength of the war, any kind of destructive war of life and dignity of so many people, in addition to material damage and ecological pollution. Mediation, long unremitting action contacts, diplomatic negotiations, a genuine dialogue conducted on an equal basis, of a search for balance between the parties, Jogging action for peace and reconciliation between conflicting interests and different visions of a reality, they are not sufficiently practiced. There must be something wrong, grossly inconsistent in economic laws that govern a few centuries in this part of the production and distribution of material goods, the wealth of a nation and the relationship with the wealth of others; the fact that it is the observation of all is the great disparity exists between the few who own intolerably, criminally remarkable economic goods and the vast majority of people who fight with poverty, severe poverty or worse, both within of the nations that the balance between them.

The religions pervade the whole range of human interests from the most noble to the most petty and criminals. There can not be any knowledge of a human rationality plan, the supreme body which by its nature is omnipotent and eternal, and thus immeasurably transcends human cognitive ability. Any idea we can get an idea of ​​God is always partial, very small, anthropomorphic, definitely wrong and very far from the truth; all lighting revelations that swarm around the globe are just miserable human constructions, often of superb props interests and selfish ... .more

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