martedì 24 maggio 2016


Any idea we can get an idea of ​​God is always partial, very small, anthropomorphic, definitely wrong and very far from the truth; all lighting revelations that swarm around the globe are just miserable human constructions, often of superb props, and selfish interests. Divine love pervades the whole universe beginning with elementary particles, physics mystical reality, an expression of the love that animates the energy they bring; any emphasis of humanity will not go much beyond the limits of this world. Let us not lose the sense of proportion, we try to look beyond our limited viewing angle.
I was only allowed to explain some fruits of my limited life experience; I tried to understand, to think in fairness, the less selfishly as possible, not to get overwhelmed by widespread mentality and behavior in the environment in which I lived. I do not have advice to give, everyone has the right to make their own mistakes, to think seriously questionable things, difficult to accept by most. I will allow me to ask you to reflect, to observe free from conditioning (as possible), attentive to what is around, to read in our hearts without fear to reject what many so-called authorities of the past and present would we accepted passively. We evaluate with flexibility and commitment that is proposed to us, having in mind that we look for external shields to the more rigorous should be heard with suspicion because it could be a braggart; Always remember that no human being can have the absolute truth and our honest opinion is as good as the other's opinion, whoever he is. We discuss everything consistently without reverential fears; many so-called truths are daughters of proud ignorance or interests of the shop. Let me repeat again the exhortation to try to look beyond the limited personal circle of the horizon, bravely, elastically free, not approve or reject impulse but to reason; think long and hard, trying to figure out if what you read, you listen is a sign of careful honest belief, which is not, by contrast, expression of personal interest, faction, pride, unaware of irresponsibility.

emotional whispers, babbling synthetic - All equal in dignity and rights in the various behaviors diversity.

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