venerdì 16 ottobre 2015


There is a saying, an invitation that has animated the classical Greece. The well-known and appreciated know yourself. Even today I think it is possible to recognize a good validity. Approaching More recently, ribalza immediately engaging attention to the motto of the medical school of Salerno with the natural invitation, the urgent attention it declares with obvious ease observatio et ratio, ie the need, the urgent need to observe carefully, deeply the possibility that cognitive They must enlighten certain interessamenti that guide our research. Intuitively you already understand that this invitation can not be geared exclusively to the practice of medicine, knowledge of the disease and possible treatment but you can easily extend and determinately to search for causes and consequent reflections involving all inquiring that, based on recognition the immediate effects extend to the whole business rational and emotional of the highest human activities.
In my opinion this enlargement is a staggering immensity that a bright path that can be adopted for a large number of research knowledge and consequent efficient deductions. A thrilling guideline that can not fear contradictions. Out struggle to superficiality and hasty solutions.

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