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Copernicus, Galileo, Newton had received a first major
synthesis of scientific culture, a new framework of the knowable and
its influences on the totality of human society, which would
have led to the gradual subversion of ideas and behaviors
who had reigned for unevenly valued knowledge.
Those precious achievements, for various reasons (some very obvious), not
found proper relationship with the pragmatic behavior
social and rationality that takes into account the different position
of which he was aware.
Should be long now, have groped for the light of
considerable amount of detail knowledge, that we can
use, an overview of the whole that is in us and
around us; observe reality better perceived, from visual angles
unusual, look, turn, separate, eliminate, trying to find
large and small truth and value what, after repeated
monitoring and evaluation, it is considered acceptable. At the completion of the
strenuous processing, preparing the land suitable for the construction of
Building structures with more durable, more interior space, and a
panorama that allows maximum enlargement of the vision before
not possible. For the enhancement of personal advances
knowledge, it is imperative that you enter in your kit
cognitive general knowledge, at least the synthesis possible for
each, after the necessary workings critical, without fear to reject
what you would like to accept as highly righteous,
true and immutable. This phase is unfortunately difficult to
realize (at least for a high percentage of people) because the
qualities necessary for evaluations and effective action, will suffer
debasement operations and maintenance to the lowest levels, from
those who have the ability and the interest to do it.
Qualities necessary to oppose alleged high know, insensitive
selfishness, arrogance unacceptable, comfortable addictions; you persist
also in convincing that the human being is kneaded for worse, and
this necessity must tolerate it, because of course
unavoidable. It will attempt to delve further on the issue of
We should, or rather must, to balance intellectual and spirit
knowledge, we consider what is beyond our environment
usual, what we know and ill, in the personal limits,
we know better. Keep in mind that human society, is
wrapped in a web of ideas and behaviors very different
even within restricted communities, behaviors very often
Away from personal ways of thinking and acting; microcosms
multiform often bound by chains of sufficiency and pride, in
hand powers impactful who consider themselves keepers of truth
and of great merit. Who does not appreciate or deprive these qualities,
needs (very obvious) aid and directives to be followed with
quiet adjustment. We can probably assume that
already in prehistoric times, in reduced human groups, someone
with a more lively open-mindedness (a little more "clever") felt
compelled to lead the group. For the good of all established their own
supremacy, making the result more in line with its
enlightened opinion. As time goes on (is History) these stirrings
company is widened, they irrobustivano created communities
national, to get there, we're almost there, the global village.
 The diuturne events of all humanity must take into account that
which exists alongside the human, that determines the harmonic become
the balance of the whole living and physical and humbly acknowledge,
that this set we are only a part; do not forget the data
the indubitable fact that the planet we inhabit is a tiny
fragment of the universe.
We are only small particles, but from time immemorial accustomed to
consider the maximum; This pride is almost compassionate
slightly corrected from admitting perfectibility.
Let's try to find a road leading to a conscientious, lucid
restructuring of our role and of our intelligence, in
clear and indisputable fact that man, by nature
limitations, he knows and will know only fragments of
framework of the total existing concrete.
Choose from many, those cards that we consider most important for
compose an acceptable mosaic that can prospettarci proper
away, for an extension of adequate knowledge and compatible
with our rationality and the consequential behavior.
The physical knowledge coordinated by the thought, that relationship can
have with the immensity of reality that are beyond the horizon of
our knowledge? That impulse can lead to another
Human knowable? This impulse can be called cognitio
Rerum or filognosia? --- The term, the concept filognosia
could be used, with a certain frequency, alongside philosophy,
important concept that for millennia has illuminated
rationality, but with the background of pride. Filognosia with
clear humility, greater adherence to human knowable, can
mean better consistency with a broader context and
detailed view of the current. --- The assumptions cognitive
be contemplated are unlikely to be able to find a solid and
reliable basis for the great and valuable series of laborious
miniatures, patient and creative industry, innumerable details; anything
and no, do not delude ourselves, gives us the solid rock on which to build
fundamental knowledge of our existence. The great work of the
science with its certainties, can not give what we want;
certainties "scientific" certainty how much of today retain in
near future?
A basis as possible, relative, can be found in simple
realization of our existence and the need, pragmatically
ethics, a balance between the individual, the rest of humanity and the environment
that allows life; essential awareness of partiality
immersed in the totality. The important work done by
commitment from all those "intellectuals", who in their respective fields
devote the necessary investigations, the manifestations of art.
I want them humbly express a pressing invitation to try to
relate, always, their precious efforts, connect their
interessamenti space, the real, essential for
awareness, which allows us to better connections between our
its intelligence, arrogantly despotic, intolerably
superb, and the immense universe relativity; Finally, exit
"Tower of" ivory "and defiled, understanding the situations pitifully
on the planet, not losing sight of the rights of the existing total.
From the space where they live pristine, ideals, utopias are the pure
You desire slightly down stop in the minds, in our hearts
and the living planet feeds them, wraps them in a total embrace them
contaminated with partiality, human faults, but the embrace them
stifles, not diminish them; their vitality can not be reduced by the
human misery, does not need support from those who are
convinced that they are the elect. We are all chosen to give their home in
deepest of our personality; all from the neighbor to more
far, dall'incolto wise to bring it the yeast, pulses,
consciously or not. When awareness of such heritage
animate most of us, when the powers that direct
to their unacceptable visions will have at least a minimum of
discernment of meanness when navigating, only then will
begin the journey that will transform the utopia into a concrete reality,
despite imbalances temporarily tolerable. These reflections
apprezziamole as a concrete lighthouse and a clear trend, not
limiting ourselves to an idealized consideration, but insert it in
daily behavior to counteract laziness, selfishness and
affordable moderations ..... continues

(From Deep Revolution "knowledge and awareness" 2011 edition Lulu)

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