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Israelis and Palestinians

I propose again what I wrote some years ago.
You need an albeit brief and incomplete historical background of the current situation.
The Jewish people, after the diaspora, has managed for centuries to preserve their identity and to keep in mind the desire for a return to the land of their fathers (significant mutual wish traded annually: next year in Jerusalem).
Zionism, in its political side, was born to the 800 with Herzl and his idea of ​​a charter of rights guaranteed by the United Jewish Europeans.
It developed further with Weizmann, who had managed to snatch England, with the Balfour Declaration of 1917, a clear commitment. But the idea that would lead to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1945 was Ben Gurion who had clearly understood that only the strong support of the United States would have been decisive, even for the presence of the powerful American Jewish lobby.
Underpinning Ben Gurion there was the sympathy and solidarity of much of the world and especially the European one for the horrendous holocaust suffered by the Jews. So intensifies migratory push towards Palestine and even intensify the trouble.
Various explanations attempt to frame the current painful situation.
A just logic would want a solution so dramatic was implemented after a patient work of mediation between Jews and Palestinians; the latter, in fact, were at home always, born and raised in the land of the fathers and the fathers of their fathers. If Zionism that Martin Buber dreamed in the ideal message expressed in his most celebrated (Ich und Du), his dream in which Arabs and Jews, who are subject to an intense and personal, inspired by the intention to cooperate, he could to imbue any part of the play of Ben Gurion and the other players, the course of events would have been probably different. The United States, Europe and especially England or remained at the window watching, or worse for their interests, favored the immigration of survivors of violence that shame humanity that were the extermination camps the Nazis. Certainly the belief that a Jewish state would favor pro-Western interests of Westerners in the Arab world "treacherous" was not of secondary importance. It would be necessary for the purpose of mutual tolerance and real peace between the two contenders work, immediately, to the establishment of a Palestinian state even with precise boundaries; but this obviously was not part of western designs. This situation is understandable, dramatically, on the one hand and the other Palestinian hostility fear of a possible destruction of the state of Israel. That being so the Israelis could choose between a very difficult road, which was to mitigate the conflict with the other party and try to reduce the hatred of Palestinians for the "intruders", and the way of force, the road always by choice who has the strength, the way of those who are convinced that by force they can trample sacrosanct rights, a road distance shows its utopia and stupidity, because it strengthen the, hate, feeling terribly negative reasonableness would there be but especially minimized between two peoples living together in close. Palestinian suicide bombers could boast a shining example in a certain Samson; invokes the Lord saying: Lord God give me back my strength a time so that he can take revenge on my enemies. What is the difference with the Palestinian rivals today? Reprisals of the State of Israel does not have an iota added safety of its inhabitants, as practically and is clearly visible to all, but they managed to develop harmful feelings of revenge and hatred with its practical manifestations of inhumane spiral blood calls for blood that leaves horrified. International law that sets limits to the use of retaliation whereas this is an expression of serious lack of moral sense, of inhumane behavior of a society that claims to civil should not tolerate the slightest; how much is the distance from the self-defense? Retaliation as it is practiced today can be said, without any doubt, that is the expression of a total disavowal of the Preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and many of his articles.
(From Equinox Edas edition 2003)

Skipping the most tragic everyday life, we can say without a doubt that this is the obvious outcome of improvident disastrous unilateral constitution in 1948 gave birth to the State of Israel. Over the years, if I remember correctly, this has received much criticism and warnings from the UN; Israeli governments of the time, confident of US protection, have not taken any account. The attacks and counterattacks Israeli - Palestinian entifade and caused wars that constantly solved with the Israeli dominance given the obvious disproportion of forces and the blatant US protection.
Reflecting on the most immediate operation organized by the arrogant behavior of the unbalanced government led by Netanyahu, it seems to us that the most nefarious activities of the Israeli state is reached; They are evident, even if insufficient signs of a decoupling US that practically blocked the expansion of Israeli settlers beyond the Jordan, so we can hope for a future reduction and a return of Israeli sovereignty within the previous boundaries.
Contrast, the rivalry between Israelis and Palestinians that has lasted several decades, presumably, painfully last for a time that is difficult to define. We should start from that vision a balanced, naturally expressed by Martin Buber, return to dream, realize that dream that unified the Arabs and Jews, who are subject to an intense and personal, inspired by the intention to cooperate.
Unfortunately, the Israelis and the Jews in general do not want to realize that the time in which there could be a chosen people is drastically fortunately gone for good. In my opinion, with profound attempt to be balanced, it is the Israelis who have to reduce the arrogant belief superb still consider although ambiguously, chosen people and comply equitariamente entire human population to which they belong.
Practically considered terrorists that handful of desperate fighting with knives and stones at the Israeli army super organized, is an ambiguous effort to forge concrete data; Certainly there are also those who use explosives and these can be attributed rightly qualified as terrorists. It is the dignity, the intrinsic values ​​Palestinians oppressed by Israeli arrogance that "forces" the intifada. The real solution to these dramatic situations, as things stand today is considered impractical. To want to be optimistic and utopian and dilute a just solution in the not too long presents a unique realistic perspective. This perspective is evident and it is theoretically and pragmatically the establishment of a Palestinian state with clear boundaries and with full dignity constitutional and operational. There are other possibilities, other ways outside of this; until you come to the obligatory proper realization of a Palestinian state with the qualities and characteristics has been said, everything else will talk, and often dramatic expression of continued exploitation by the Western world selfishly unselfish to a correct solution and maintenance the status quo. Of course the long conflict between the two groups, you can not erase it with a sponge, residueranno unfortunately unavoidable that queues hardly retain conflict that could last for more dramatic years.

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