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We  need  to  undertake,  in  humbleness  and  with decisiveness,  a  resolute  personal  change  covering  a
range  of  particulars.
A  non-violent  revolution  in behaviour  born  of  a  more  profound  consciousness animated  by  respect
for  everyone  and  everything, rationally  guided  towards  continuous  perfection.
A slow but decisive revolution strictly informed by deep reflection and careful argument aimed at removing the majority  of  inequalities,  the  coarse  weight  of  the powerful.
It is to initialise recognition of the rights of every  individual  and  not  disrupt  dynamic environmental   harmony.
A  more  complete  vision  of the  concrete  physicality  of  the  planet  is  achieved  by appropriating the scientific knowledge controlled and consolidated  by  wise  researchers.
Our  present knowledge  of  the  cosmological  scene  disrupted previous beliefs and we know now that Earth is part of  a  Totality;  an  immense  universe  that  goes  far beyond the number of stars in the small firmament we consider  the  brilliant  roof  of  our  huge  world.
We’re already a few  centuries late, but we’re still in time to reconsider  the  cognition  and  behaviour  that ruled when  we  were  unaware  of  our  precise  position, elevated  by  pride  and  ignorance  to  a  role that we couldn’t  identify  with.  
A  humanity  that  considers itself  intelligent  is  forced  to  adapt  to  new  evidence liberating  itself  from mistaken  convictions.
Unfortunately  the  powerful  don’t  feel  this  obligation since  things  work  fine  for  them  as  they  are. They continue  to  disseminate  the  wrong  things,  things we’ve  been  carrying  around  for  too  long.
The aspiration  to  adapt  the  progress  of  knowledge  must take  place  slowly  and  profoundly  in  minds, and  in personal  sensitivity.
It  must  involve  the  maximum number of people possible so they, humbled, become active guides in constructive dialogues with those who wish  to  converse  and  widen  their  knowledge  and perception of reality.
Understanding  that  evil  does  not  reside  in  natural adversities which are normal signs of the physical life
of  the  planet,   at  times  disastrous.
The  kind  of  evil caused  by  man  is  a  collateral  and  perverse  effect  of freedom  (!);  only  a  human being  has  the  choice  of different options.
If the choice is for action that does not respect the needs of others and alters the necessary balance,  serious distortions  and  inhumanities  are generated;  “freely”  chosen  evil  is  rife  with monstrosities.
We  know  what  rational  behaviour  is necessary  to  avoid  perverting  the  nature  of  rational freedom.
We must reconsider and implant at a profound level the concrete, the mystical physicality of our world and
our  part  of  the  mystical  reality  of  the  universe.
A revolution that valorises the spirit, knowledge, and the spirit  of  knowledge.
We  must  review  ideas  and  past ways  of  being  when  we  had  no  notions  of  certain realities.
Until now adaptation has been insufficient or absent;  without  doubt  it  re-dimensions  the  role  that humans  have  awarded  themselves  and  this “degradation” is deeply felt by the worthy.
Even more grave is the perception of loss of power by those who are  convinced  that  it  is  necessary  to guide  their amorphous  subjects  towards  a  marvellous  winning line.
We  must  enhance  both  leaders’  and  above  all subjects’  perceptions  that  citizens,  in  complete dignity, are actors in civil society as was clearly stated in the XII° Principle of the “Charter for a non-violent world” created by Nobel Peace Prize winners on 20 th March 2009.
The principle proclaims that civil society in all its articulations, recognises as an essential fact that governments are at the SERVICE of citizens and NOT  the  other  way  round;  it  encourages  active participation by citizens  in all  levels  of political  life, calming  passions  and  specific  interests  through
pondered analysis.
It  intends  to  increase  dynamic  dialogue,  it  is  freely critical and enlivened by both pertinent questions and answers of equal worth made by attentive people who wish  to  comprehend.  Both  national  and international groups  are  animated  by  the  desire  to  make  scientific progress  their  own;  there  is  a  slow and  profound adhesion  of  personal  sensitivity  and  rationality  to guided concreteness.
The critical impact of our claims could  bring  about  more  adequate  behaviour  and improve total perception enabling us to live  our lives in a dignified manner.
In  order   to  reach  a  fuller  consciousness  of  the composite  grouping  of  knowledge  (technologyscience and history-  the humanities) it is important not to  totally  separate  the  two  areas.  A  balance  must  be
kept: one eye is focussed on one’s own field while the other  surveys  the  rest.  Try  to  fully  understand  and don’t  accept  the  easy,  convenient  solutions.
Understand that authentic values are not given without a  price,  to  become  part  of  one’s  personal  store they need  to  be  nourished,  they  require  openness  and effort;  it  is  difficult  to  conduct  one’s  daily
responsibilities  without  clouding  over  personal dignity.
Actions  that  forget  about  respect  for  our surroundings,  these  slothful  omissions  obscure  the
situation but they cannot annul human dignity; even if we are inspired by highly ideal concepts, our actions
can  degenerate  into  malevolent  deviations  and consequent  activity  will  be  mixed  with  actions  in
contradiction to initial intentions.
Beware  of  confusing  intentions  and  disruptive propositions.
Unfortunately  every  aspiration,  every ideal, even the  most insignificant, is confronted by  a counter force, all the expressions of power that are put into  operation  to  minimise  and  annul  the  “danger”.
The  main  problem  is  unresolved;  the  total  and continuous absence of balance that enrichens diversity
and  biodiversity  in  contrast  to  the  partial  vision  of those considered enlightened , who continue to negate evident  facts.  Too  many  of  those  considered  worthy have  been,  and  continue  to  be, incapable through arrogance and insensitivity of reducing the continuous disasters,  they  have  no  sense  of  their innate
Those who hold positions of power are personally  responsible  for  the  non  recognition  of citizens’  rights to  the  basic  necessities  of  life;  the responsibilities of the rest of us are always present but follow  behind the  responsibility  of  the  so-called authorities.
No  single  person  can  positively  change things, but a united group of evil-doers are capable of
worsening it, particularly if they can direct “well”.
Problems  that  have  been  badly  handled  and  never satisfactorily solved and numerous historical disasters
are the results of man’s absurd role and his senseless pride in having the highest intelligence and an ethical
dignity;  he  has  used  freedom,  a  characteristic  of rationality,  in  an  anomalous,  and  often  ignominious
way. These are the simple (simplistic?) causes of most........

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