martedì 14 luglio 2015

Equinox day

We shall continue the proposal launched several years 
ago for a United Day of Celebration involving all the 
countries  in  the  world  in  an  annual  celebration  of 
Humanity  and  nature,  held  on  the  spring  equinox, 
March 21st, as a symbol of parity and equilibrium. It 
is not just another celebration enjoyed by the few, but 
is instead, an expression of the real unification of fully 
accepted  values  of  common  ownership  in  which 
diversity exists without denigration. It is the complete 
unification  of  humanity  and  the  real  removal  of 
absurd  and  false  barriers,  daily  complications  and 
inequalities no longer sustainable in an interconnected 
society.  It  is  an  important  step  accelerating  our 
journey  towards  civility  with  respect  and  dignity  for 
each  and  every  individual.  The  celebration  is 
inclusive, open to all and not, as happens all over the 
world, just part of a community. We reiterate that this 
is for everyone, without contrast, to develop harmony 
and  reciprocal  consciousness.  Since  the  beginning  it 
has  been  clear  that  this  proposal  is  free  from                               ideological,  religious  or  any  other  form  of  labelling 
that  may  distort  its  fundamental  premise  of 
homogenous equality. The commitment is simple and 
precise:  a  United  Earth  in  the  complexity  of  all  its 
components  with  regard  for  real  differences  and  the 
enormous  variety  of  diversification.  Whoever 
attempts to characterise, to wave a banner or symbol, 
creates  a  limitation  and  an  unacceptable 
The  proposal  may  be  considered  utopian  by  the 
majority of “realists”, for us, it is a beacon of guiding 
light.  There  have  been  many  guiding  lights  installed 
by  the  realist  majority  to  indicate  the  presumed 
correct  route,  perhaps  some  have  been  short-sighted 
and have caused shipwreck and loss.                      

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