mercoledì 15 luglio 2015


A  few  premises  (personal  reflections)  are  essential
for a better understanding of the planetary problems.
We shall begin with  primary goods, those  things  that
are necessary to satisfy the everyday physical needs of
the  individual;  the  essential  goods  that  civil
governments  must  provide  in  equal  quantity  to  their
citizens to enable them to conduct their lives and live
freely.  The  kind  of  society  where  notions  of  good
government  have  reached  a  degree  of  civilisation
which approaches those ideals of equality necessary
for a community to be considered civil.
We shall continue with Existential Rights;  those rights
of intrinsic dignity, inherent in terrestrial  existence, in
physicality and biological life. In the specific case of
humanity,  a  human  being,  regardless  of  birthplace,
ethnic  background,  social  position  and  all  other
characterising  factors  is  a  Person  who  lives  life  in
correlation with others, who represents a singleness in
agreement with all the components of the planet. The
Universal  Declaration  of  Human  Rights  and  the
fundamental  principles  of  the  various  national
constitutions  are  the  indispensable  bases  for  the
dignity  of  the  planetary  complex,  for  the  correct
existence  of  the  whole  planet.  The  Declaration,
understandably, is limited to human society and does
not  cover  the  rights  of  all  planetary  life.  However  it
does  imply  that  dignity  is  not  an  exclusively  human
prerogative,  since  humanity  exists  in  an  equilibrium
that guarantees life and legitimate rights for the whole
of  existence.  Without  this  indispensable  equilibrium
any  proclaimed  ideals  are  hypocritical  and  human
existence is troubled and increasingly debased.
This observation should mark  a precise turning point
in  prevailing   mentality  and  behaviour.  Many
“experts”  struggle  to  convince  us  that  these  notions
are utopian; they are unaware that unrealizable utopias
are  those  which  proclaim  with  inspiring  words
magnificent  visions  of  justice,  freedom  and  other
ideals  while  continuing  to  understate  the  many
disasters  and   shameful  horrors.  Their  words  are
Human beings are exploited, stripped of every ounce
of wealth, to be directed towards others who get rich
at their expense and are oblivious to the damage they
wreak  on  local  economies,  the  dignity  of  fellow
humans and on the environment. The only actions to
be carried out in the interests of the common good are
those  that  recognise  the  existential  rights  of  all  the
components of the earth, without exception; it would
benefit  everyone,  even those who firmly believe  that
the world will always be divided but united in evil.

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