venerdì 24 luglio 2015


Some thoughts on culture and knowledge.
Culture, in it's  numerous  forms,  is  the  human  activity  that impregnates  and  exalts  the  emotions provoking intense  sensations;  it  is  highly  valuable.
Music, literature, figurative art and other cultural choices are the oases where we seek refuge to ease the burden of anxieties  and  be  at  ease  with  oneself.
We  consider cultural  and  artistic  expression  as  the  search  for Beauty, one of the highest human aspirations; an ideal realised  in  the  synthesis  of  messages  that  reach  the senses, are elaborated by the brain and expressed via the  emotions.
These  are  evaluated  differently according to personal sensitivity and are reinforced by individual predisposition.
Without  these  impulses aesthetic  pleasure  and  profound  emotion  are compromised and reduced to a superficial  level.
This superficiality is distressful because it is further proof that  too  many  people  have  lost  sight  of gratifying values and fail to cultivate the spirit and its emotional charge.
We engage in activities of cultural expression most  of  the  time  each  according  to  individual inclination, however,  one  negative  aspect  that  has crept  into  cultural  values  is  the  vanity,  conceit  and venality that  surrounds  culture  itself,  where  the “cultured”  feel  superior  to  the  rest  of  us.
Their superiority is  expressed with nauseating regularity in gross economic exploitation and visions of beauty of dubious  worth.
This  view  minimises  the  luminous beauty of a free mind that is restless, alive and open, proud  to  be  poor of  certainties  but  rich  with  doubts and  questions,  a  mind  that  is  pervaded  but  never satiated  by humanity  and  is  immersed  in  the  vital preciousness of nature.
Gathering knowledge within its inherent limits, is the driving  force  behind  acquiring  the  knowable,  in  the
interests of ulterior divulgation.
It is linked to concrete scientific  facts,  to  progress,  and  fully  acknowledges its  temporary  nature.
It  has  been  an  industrious  task through the centuries.
Physics, chemistry, cosmology and the vitally important extra-human form the pillars that  bring  clarity  to the position  of  our  planet  in  the universe,  to  the  very  essence  of  the  Earth,  its constituent  elements and the  evolution  of  Humanity; our  experience becomes  entangled  in the  most  valid, less prone to diversion. The compass guiding our role on the planet is the joyous appropriation by citizens of the  universal  empyrean  within  the  Absolute  and  its omnipresent love.
If the observation of everyday facts and  ideas  does  not  conduct  us  to  a  possible  human understanding of  Everything,  we  must  conclude  that the  brief   and  precious  period  we  have  been  granted
has  not  been  used  wisely;  it  is  difficult  to  assign blame.
There  is  a  persistent  collection  of  short sightedness, selling-out and folly which is mindlessly
piled up.
We find it impossible to create a personality capable  of  sorting  through  the  useless  junk  that
weighs  us  down  and  underhandedly  undermines  us causing  us  to  lose  sight  of  precious  things  we often dare  not  even  imagine.
Filognosia,  the  link  to knowledge, is pure love of humanity, the planet-home
in a relationship between cells of energy and love.
It helps  us  to  perceive  the  universe  as  the  harmonious sum of limited parts, it tells us that humans are a part of  the  whole;  the  planet  Earth  that  generates  and nourishes  this  partiality  is,  in  its  turn,  a  part of  an immensity.
We are just small humans who are proud to know we are a part of the Immense!!!

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