martedì 21 luglio 2015


Given  the  increase  in  the  number  of  humans,  it appears that reaching a more balanced situation in the near and distant future is improbable and recognition of  existential  rights  for  all  the  components  of  the 
planet and impossibility of parity with human rights is problematic; the resources and usable territory of the 
Earth  are  limited  and  appear  to  leave  little  room  for hope.
Resources  are  not  equably  distributed  nor  are the  basic  necessities  for  a  dignified  existence 
guaranteed, those where every person’s freedom and right to life on the planet is sanctioned; freedom is not 
just formal theoretical rights, for a usable freedom to exist  certain inalienable rights must be exercised. The 
imbalance between a lot and a little and the inhuman distance between the worthy and second or third-best 
is always deplorable. It is an existence that is distant from  the  protection  of  life,  despite  its  constant 
reference to human life (man is the highest) it fails to protect  the  dignity  of  animal  and  vegetable  life. 
A contradiction  born  from  human  schizophrenia.  
The mandate  for  ethical  behaviour  collapses  in  view  of this  insensitivity,  it  debases  magnificent  love which becomes conceited and loses its distinctive character; whereas  we  should  love  and  respect  every single person  and  the  whole  of  the  planet  because  only  in this way will we have demonstrated that conceit and stupidity have been eliminated.
A few more thoughts on love are necessary, and I am aware that this may provoke strong feelings in some. 
The  proud  and  ill-prepared  human  element  puts  a limit  on  the  framework  within  which  love,  that 
animates and enlivens everything, is collocated. 
Is the love we so often hear mentioned authentic love, or is it,  sadly,  something  else?  Perhaps  it  is  better  to  say that authentic love is often contaminated and devalued of  feeling  or  interest.  Praises  have  been  sung,  and rightly  too,  regarding  maternal  love,  but  it  is  often enclosed  within  the  confines  of  property  and  rarely extended into other environments. 
It is limited to close relatives,  following  suit  just  like  everybody  else.  
Is Mother  Bear’s  love  for  her  cub  love  or  instinct? Perhaps it is instinct ennobled  by a little love? These reflections  lead  us  to  believe  that  authentic  love  is linked  to  liberty,  and  this  is  an  exclusively human 
Uncontaminated  love  is  only  possible  where love is free, it cannot be selfishly directed or limited. 
It  is  driven  by  pure  spontaneity  and  has  no  ulterior motives.  
Does  love  suffer  from  too  much  egoism? Inhuman  signs  are  often  understated,  perhaps  we 
forget, in the name of love, that which should not be forgotten.
Our primary right-duty is to love our children, but we extend this love, or respect, to our surroundings. 
Other reflections  are  possible;  this  will  already  have  been perceived by those who are willing to understand and are  open  to  “talking  from  the  heart”.  
Every  couple feels  the  gratifying  duty  to  give  life  to  one  other couple,  so  as  not  to  deprive  others  of  a  dignified existence. Introduce into our rationale and emotions a respect for the existential rights of animals, plants, the seas,  mountains  and  a  natural  dynamic  ecological balance. 
If love is to remain  intact it must take into account and affectionately respect the terrestrial plane 
in which it operates and receives all that is necessary to live and love. 
Anthropocentrism also influences the demographic  question;  growth  linked  to  economic 
and/or commercial factors creates  more damage  than benefit  and  contributes  to  altering  the  harmonious 
evolutionary  rhythms  and  reciprocal  relationships  in human  society.  It  disrupts  nature  even  more  and 
tarnishes  the  human  figure.  
It  has  been  a  severe regression rather than an improvement; we must seek other paths to progress, real equable progress. 
Let us avoid  using  the  word  love,  which  is  often hypocritically or misleadingly used, and introduce the 
feeling of love, pure unsoiled feeling.
Those  who  consider  themselves  to  be  experts,  even though  they  know  very  little  continue  to  propagate devalued  truths,  truths  that  have  been  dismantled  by lear  evidence.  
They  stubbornly  continue   to  repeat presumed  truths  but  not  as  pompous  advertising 
slogans, they are humbly convinced of them and call into question others’ rationality and good sense.

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