lunedì 8 febbraio 2016



An observation: the artartici penguins live and procreate naturally in very difficult conditions. A reader and writer of thousands of pages, certainly in that environment survive only a few hours.
Mirabile organizing a hive, a hive. Where high culture institutions have attended?
The butterfly to get to build the cocoon naturally operates. That the course of study attending the salmon to return without mistakes to the place of birth in order to reproduce?
Who attend flight courses migration to achieve the desired place? We could bring many examples to confirm what has already been exposed. It's simple natural evidence that in this world everything works naturally without human intelligence, apparently modest. Logic, rationality, important gifts but modest, if not packed in a wonderful network that connects everything. I and all my brothers, badly led by the proud and arrogant clever people, we continue to behave unnaturally. We continue to create havoc in the contemporary, unrealistic and unacceptable behaviors that determine effects due to causes that experts above do not have any intention to address let alone groped obvious countermeasures. The limited selection of powerful with intolerable and unacceptable possibility, fearfully afraid of losing substantial amounts of their unbalanced and unbalancing power if they start to give in on behavior even of little operational value.

The kind and attentive readers of my patients objectionable reflections forgive me "generous" for unfortunately not avoidable disconnections, disarticulation involving the publications of various posts. It would be necessary, but in my condition can not, try to connect, harmonize, distinguish the various arguments that disorderly, clumsily populate the blog.

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