sabato 27 febbraio 2016



Grave, unbalancing blindness
constant companion of thought
of human activities
right from 'start evolutionary.
influential abnormally
the share intellectual
on 'huge majority
of people.
historical events
They have to be reconsidered
to the light
of new knowledge
the immensity of the cosmos


insurmountable wall
consolidated over the millennia
It protects the arrogance
many blind
see well


by overwhelming the natural sicumere
concrete path
to enter into new
cosmic knowledge
its long-continued workings
for an understanding
ever deeper
and extended to active
personal achievement


A partial, questionable anthropocentric draft attempts to give absolute values ​​impossible to modest human intelligence. Impractical petty pride, incapable of entering into the relativism of which we are part. The perennial hubris of those few possessors of absolute truths but unprovable. A complex of responsibility mainly attributable to the cultural artistic class although this over millennia has produced remarkable works, immensely exciting appreciable beauty, joyously exhilarating.

The immense work undertaken by Caleb Scharf, director of appreciated 'Astrobiology Center of the prestigious Columbia University and the few others who have contributed to the expansion of concrete cosmic knowledge, give considerable possibilities of a complex series of events which lead to high rates of relativistic security. An 'unexpected, exhilarating SUMMA LEARNING. A complex, articulated building, constructed with special attention from the investigators that admirable group who devote their energies to investigate what until a few decades ago it was considered impossible to know.

Not recommend a superficial reading of that text written by Scharf which is entitled "The complex of Copernicus" that delves fearlessly into regions controlled, continuously rechecked in the spirit of an increasingly high acceptability.

It seems appropriate in my position of total incompetent to mention some personal reflection on what has been said in the near wrote.

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