mercoledì 10 febbraio 2016


Mysticism, today, it could be considered as evolutionary phase
of the track since prehistoric times, happily refined by
Scholastic thought; today's mystical (v. Thomas Mertorn and
others) differs little from that medieval, at least in context
Christian. The divine manifestation in the intimate personal, the eruption of
supernatural in the deeper spirituality of the mystic, you can
consider the possible culmination of a long phase of inseminations
contemplative; an inner loneliness, considerable as a means,
as a prelude to the possible influx of light. From what little
we know the soul East should not be a sensible
diversity in that mysticism. The turning point,
the unpredictable development, should be based on more in-depth,
concrete knowledge of the data that we and the universe formed
in which we live; humanity as immense amount of atoms
mobilize their energy basically life in the harmonious
motorcycle and intimate love relationship of the various constituents. That love
that goes far beyond the natural reproductive instincts, exceeds that brought
the blood of his own blood, which is not tied to a personal
properties, broadens and enhances human limitations. The music
instrumental, not the words that express clearly and feelings
limited affection, can help us to enter into the concrete
the presence of the sublime that embraces us, which too often do not
we have sufficient awareness. Perceive, realize
deeply, intimately immensity of which we share
conscious and thus exalted, while our limit (probably to
Like any intelligent, living presences elsewhere); to orient
see the ground reality in a very different image, more
significant than the one that can give us indications archaic. The
contempt of the things of the world, present in medieval mysticism,
today could be seen in a different way, although in mystical
correlation with it; it is unacceptable to despise the things of
world, because we ourselves are part of it. It 'a big mistake by
religious viewpoint does not see the many beautiful things as a gift
divine and do not appreciate them is almost a blasphemy.
. in perfect
correlation with the propensity ascetic is an attitude of
Posting to interest and affection turned to petty desires,
excessive appreciation of the private, the personal possession; as
immediate consequence of this is a departure, a
resizing of what is part of our emotions, of
our petty interests. Any property that goes beyond the undeniable
daily needs and the foreseeable future, can be considered
a serious limitation of the human essence personnel; the deep,
intimate perception that nothing can be stranger is a wealth
priceless, not evaluable venalmente, a sense of serenity,
completeness and joy, hardly conquerable otherwise.
Any property that goes beyond what is said, reduces the real insight
cells that we are aware of an infinity; away from any
possession, even gratifying goods, which superbly exalt the
personal magnificence. The human condition does not allow us to
learn about the immensity of the real truth, even our smaller
intelligence, laboriously we can add fractions
ability to know the total knowable.
Mystical aspects "concrete", extra-human that can be formed,
many, even in the field of biology; one for all: Some proteins
(We are in the field of molecular genetics) do not find
possibility to switch from elongated two-dimensional structure to that
three-dimensional, indispensable for carrying the biochemical activity; in
their help for the necessary modification, goes a special type of protein
called chaperones, which with a prepared cavity (a den, a
cot, a womb) welcomes them (lovingly), the folds in
skein, in the correct structure for biochemical activity. Simple
and tangible demonstration of mystical love, even at the level
Molecular, for each of us and of all the living.
Lucretius has given poetry to science; Today we can appreciate
Also the heavy load mystical intimacy of matter, of its
spiritual knowledge, the light that emanates the intrinsic brightness
of matter.

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