martedì 2 febbraio 2016


Napoleon great strategist, conquer Moscow but stumbles in Waterloo.
Horrifying the tomb that holds the remains of Napoleon. As it has lowered the size French!

The propensity to modernity the US drowns in the oath of the new president on the bible, fossil burdened with superb ignorance

Big savings for Beijingers; They should not spend money on sunglasses

Many northern Europeans kindly ask not to be bothered by the rabble pluriethnic

The English democracy and enhances patiently like a perennial monarchy

Healthful appropriate setbacks to resize the industrious Teutonic pride

Bear with annoyance by many Italians the foreseeable limit effect of the causes weather

The Islamic religious leaders venerated bathe clothes not to be disturbed by their nakedness?

The revered religious leaders of 'Islam bathe in complete darkness so as not to see their nakedness?

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