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We transcribe an argument that a superficial consideration does not seem to take into account the dramatic indeed tragic events of everyday life. It seems useful to bring to the observation of attentive readers of the blog, the reflections already contained in "Healthy mind?" taken from Deep Revolution 2011 edition


Mysticism is a minority component, but steadily
present in all religions, but not only in them; even in regimes
totalitarian (Nazi mystic, mystical fascist ...) are present
mystical additions or suppositories such. In the course of time has been
defined variously and varied were the ways to live it; there
Mysticism is regarded substantially as the experience
contemplative direct and sacred staff, knowledge "beyond" the
a logical and rational thought and therefore difficult to pin down
clearly and to express. This exaltation, lighting,
This "burst" of something divine, an immense that
inundates the mystical, he wraps it in an intense love mantle, pure
is the driving time, the explosion, the maximum of a state
continued, of an attitude "psychological" ascetic pervades
daily, an asceticism that prepared the arrival of the state
sublime. This asceticism is seen in a very variable manner in the various
religions. Detachment, move away from the more carnal interests, by
suffering and the common selfishness to almost all human beings, is
the state ascetic; operate in simplicity, in the genuine sense of celebration, in
observation, contemplation of widespread beauty in fact more
concrete. This would be the most accepted and widely than
walk the path of asceticism.
These mental frameworks have reigned, with modest
variations, for a very long time in which little-known facts and
mixed with fantasies, trying to explain what, for
times, it was impossible or very difficult to know. The various conceptions
developed by the wise men were, by necessity of things, and nebulae
inaccurate; They led to consider the Earth and universal center
mankind, the pinnacle of all, the maximum intelligence and rationality
can ever. In addition, the god-man relationship was only a
fatherly divine interference in the small needs of the individual and
the larger of the various communities. From a tender and naive
human point of view, it was rewarding and just, perhaps wrapped in a
bit 'of pride because man, small part of a small set,
He enjoyed the loving concern of God that created; a limited universe, the solar system or so. Things were
different, indeed significantly different from how apparently
presented and how surely they are for us too, that
we have a wider cognition, even if always reduced.
We are therefore obliged to adjust the overall vision and relative
operation, known to new realities, always in constant
cognitive expansion.
The ascetic and mystical scene can not be observed as before;
the base, the pillars on which was based are inadequate to hold a
construction suited to today. We need to build on a base,
compatible with the most thorough knowledge of the terrain
building, use more suitable pillars for the new construction.
And 'the current knowledge of the immensity of the universe which must
guide us to found a mysticism that face pin on this
immensity. The beyond is no longer acceptable as diversification,
between a common to think of the great human majority, and a
particular state of sublimation of a few; must be considered one
It was extended to the whole of humanity. Communities including all
Earth and the existing beyond our planet, and an integral part
inseparable of an immense whole. A "sacred empyrean" maybe
It is the mystical epiphany, the material-energetic manifestation
multidimensional and temporal, of an Absolute.
This approach would lead us to open a window
knowledge of the divine essence, a knowledge of God's relationship -
Universe; a risky investigate, impossible for the limits of a
creature. In any event, in fact, the idea, the image of God,
the variability expressed by all religions, constitutes an entity
complete unacceptability; a little god of a small man.
The ascetic detachment mentioned earlier, the saeculi escape and
contemptus mundi so present in medieval thought meditative,
kind of school, can be understood in the context of
knowledge of the time, but accepted only in part; the mystery already inherent
mysticism term we consider something other than
which can be seen with the mystery eyes of today.....continues

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