giovedì 7 aprile 2016


The immense mental constructions of the intellectual elite bright dazzle high percentage of small, silly people. Those arrogant personalities are not aware of being part of the natural connective tissue involving the existing terrestrial, biological and physical. Not a bureaucratic, impractical hierarchy, but harmonious, related and interconnected peer network in which each component has a specific, very valuable function in the harmonious involvement of each component. I ventured several times an imbalance staff to express the above. In my opinion it is of utmost importance to realize that we, as human beings only a part of that network of interconnections; only a part, unfortunately, the worst among the rockets higher animals; a humanity for many millennia has produced disaster and ignominy. Animal breeds that use the instinctual intelligence despite the obvious difficulties living their natural naturalness in the related operation. The deliberate use personal limits these reflections that could go painfully far beyond what has been said. Everyday life, the immense number of operations of the human society are still constantly steeped in ignorance and consequent geocentric pride. This almost always amplified by the unrealistic, unacceptable religious beliefs that continually polluted and polluting the modest human intelligence. The religious complex are painfully present in the super praise intelligences that they reap a multitude of sensational acclaim and appreciation. The only real revolution, the Copernican in all these characters have not even scratched the geocentric pride which placed man as king of a small universe began, worthy, full of divine love, a love built on the fact that inconsistent data simultaneously reduce or remove an eternal immensity. The operation of human society, the vaunted importance not make possible the awareness, the indisputable necessary awareness that humanity is only a part of the planetary totality of the breathtaking natural network of harmonic interconnections between biological part and the physical part. Operational hierarchies in the various human ethnic groups should be considered a grave insult to humanity the amazing planetary harmony despite the numerous and often dramatic events of the entire operational life of the planet. A simple, not simplistic consideration makes us consider the aberrant human behavior today as heirs of a past that does not attempt to consider, appropriately criticize what logically, rationally, humility should be criticized in the light of past experience.

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