lunedì 25 aprile 2016


Referring to what was previously said, and frequently we can say that a small number of further reflection, confirming the awareness of the natural insignificance of each component of this planet. Therefore immediately aware of the insignificance of the planetary whole and not too allargarci the immense but still insignificant value of the galaxy of which we are part. Considering the small reality of which we are daily pervaded, it seems appropriate to reflect on the immense knowledge gash proposed by the aforementioned Scharf. The Italian text, in my opinion deserves a dramatic and damaging criticism about reduced competence and distorted the difficult translation, exhibition complex than precise inferences Scharf ago starting with billions and billions of time has passed and appropriate future prospects. The Italian edition we know, convince us that the translator does not have sufficient knowledge of the issues it deals Scharf; This observation makes it difficult to correct interpretation of the deep, detailed knowledge commitment Scharf. The Italian text, all too often makes it doubtful on some key conclusions reached by the Scharf. My conscious failure requires me prudent not to proceed beyond what has already been said. For as much as possible correct understanding of important cognitive deductions Scharf and convinced my failure to be able to know less superficial than that reached by the dell'Astrobiology Center director of Columbia University, invite the latter to make accurately control the flawed translation Italian of his valuable work. In this are distinguished accurately accettabilissime and documented conclusions from what are only hypotheses.

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