mercoledì 6 aprile 2016


There is an immense distance, incalculable between the complex laws that emanate from human and natural activities. The first codified in ponderous volumes divide the assets and related human responsibilities and highlight their criminal codes, civil, and related procedural conduction; variability and validity are limited in time and space, on top of that pervaded arrogantly as intolerable anthropocentrism. Natural laws to the contrary are always valid and everywhere. The cognitive possibilities of humanity are nothing compared to the immensity of which it is part of our small planet. The insights and knowledge enlargements that they are engaged numerous researchers concreteness increase cognitive share at most of the possibilities offered by that constant human investigative workings. Unfortunately, we have to consciously admit that the undertaking may expand slightly the knowledge developed by humanity; the gap remains immeasurable, finding conscious humility.

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