venerdì 29 aprile 2016


It seems appropriate to return to what was previously posted on 31/11/15 for a more defined framework.

In my opinion the knowledge feeds on the deductions that humanity derives from the one who guides the natural behaviors, its operation and the values ​​that will further ennoble the rigorous procedure of natural facts.. In this order of ideas is part determinately Carlo Rovelli with its interesting "seven short physics lessons." The above can not be influenced by historical facts and changing variables in places and in time, despite the possible manifestations of significant coincidences eventually cloaked in excellence and beauty. Unlike the cultural expressions are the sole work of mentality and operation of that small percentage of people using the talents that overlook the modest human intelligence; Unfortunately, this is constantly clouded dall'improponibile superb anthropocentrism that even today, with swagger with impunity lies at the apex of a hierarchy pyramid built. The above-mentioned hierarchy can be considered a direct consequence of the ignorant, proud legacy of the geocentric that has reigned for several millennia and repeated by arrogantly made sacred texts in most planetary civilization supported him.

This synthetic framework lends itself to a large number of reflections, all important so I will only advise readers who wish to deepen and broaden the knowledge to fit in the various cognitive joints, the admirable network of interconnections.

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