martedì 12 luglio 2016

Ineradicable fundamentality

You have to consider extreme evidence that natural laws are clearly and exclusively created for a natural operation, no doubt valid for all existence on this planet; elsewhere they could have different variability. The reproduction of the higher animals is realized in the natural union of the male gamete with the female. This is not an exclusive event for the daily biological operation, but make operational an immense project that involves the superior animal breeds. In this case artificial theological constructions alter and diminish the importance of the natural laws, an unmistakable sign of the perfection of these. Theologically untenable, unacceptable incoherence, the arrogance, the operation of an angelic messenger who draws up the sexual activities of a virgin to a fertilization does not take into account the rules laid out by the Eternal Immensity. Unfortunately, similar patterns have been found in buildings pragmatically proposed in various cultures operating in ignorance geo-anthropocentric. There is nothing more natural and totally acceptable fertilization of a female gamete operated by an act traditionally espoused by the corresponding naturalistic sex operation, imaginative That visitation, produces a being ambiguously hybrid. If the immensity Eternal has created the laws it is impossible rationally and theologically think that should be put in place procedures to amend or withdraw the eternal laws. It was already made clear that there is an immense distance between the laws of natural constantly operating since the cosmological events and laws made by human society, the validity of which is undoubtedly very small and easily variable in different times and places. It is ambiguous emphatically attribute values ​​and validity emphatic universalistic statements that do not have, they can not have values ​​widened and deepened as the ramblings of personalities who do not realize the insignificance of which has pervaded our planet. Insignificance extendable to the galaxy of which we are part; This is a fragment of the 'cosmic immensity.
 Experts have calculated that the life of the sun, the star on which we depend totally has an expected life of five billion years. For us almost an eternity, a short breath of the immense framework of quantum fluctuation
I can not admit that there is any human being who has more value and dignity of me and I can not consider myself an equal basis more full of value and dignity than any other planetary component. A harmonious beautiful fabric, a beautiful interconnettiva network involves the biological and physical components of our world, immensely load of beauties. An all-encompassing knowledge that determines the immersion in a relativistic everything. Are thoughts, beliefs that I frequently tried to enter into a dynamic balance that involves the set of all small businesses relativistic. As I mentioned unfortunately are final effects of causes of which almost no one wants to groped to know, because it unnecessarily fearful fears losing modest positions. No need to emphasize that the positions above tolerable allow plenty of lucrative economic opportunities in a superb perimeter arrogant self consideration; if you are content to these values, their happy everyone happy. If you have not lost the knowledge that the value of all biological and physical components of our world is possessed at the most. Nothing can add more validity to boost personal talents, everyone can behave as he sees fit, not forgetting, however, the existential rights of others.
According to my modest possibilities frequently I thought it appropriate to highlight the total lack of involvement among the numerous religious buildings on the entire planet and the Eternal Immensity; the distance remains irreducible also fielding pathetic gimmicks. There is no need of angelic intervention or particular spirituality to seek ignorantly, to change the laws of nature has always been active. It seems to me necessary to repeat that there is a huge gap between the laws of nature and the whole series of laws, legal codes, declarations, universalistic emphatic expressions that emphatically try to embellish events of modest human intelligence, sorrowfully unbalanced and unbalancing. If this humanity attaches to an eternal body that oversees outside his cosmological trends, there should be no need to change the laws of nature; any human interference that seeks to influence these laws can be regarded as impractical and useless.No need to emphasize human qualities we deeply understand that a virgin could be fertilized in a very natural and constantly valid relationship between two different sexes. It's silly, ambiguous and pointless to enter the field angelic spirits to accomplish a naturalness already established by an immensity Eternal. You can not undo a rule established by the eternal immensity. Only just a clumsy human contrivance. The sixth commandment in a totally unacceptable distinguished into two parts one from the eternal stability mode. The natural mating between male and female gender is despicable and sinful if done outside of rules in a handbook human while being sanctified if added to questionable rules drawn up by human arrogance; to intervene built strangeness unequivocally highlights the unacceptable distortion of the natural law. If an acceptable percentage of humanity, could freely use logic and rationality operating in a perimeter of free thinking, the enormous historical disquilibri that have marked human activity from thirty forty thousand and perhaps more years now would be significantly reduced. It would operate in a perimeter of human equilibrium with all the variability operating pragmatically.
In recent years it has dramatically highlighted the proposal to build mosques in places proudly full of Christian churches. I do not have sufficient knowledge of similar problems that may occur in communities distant from Christianity and Islam. Simplistically but not too much I could say that many religious highlights, many inferences drawn from sacred texts considered irrepressible seeking visibility, which attempts to limit or obscure people's vision. These attitudes, these propensities too loaded from questionable values, they sorrowfully forced to stay as far away from the discussion. I apologize to all those who might feel offended by my painful sensations. The deep conviction of personal insignificance, can be enough to dispel even modest manifestations of stupid pride. It will be an infrequent personal talent to arouse deep and almost distressing sensation of pain; has never been part of me, "I do not mind them but look and pass." A very questionable reflection and definitely rejected by the huge majority of those who consider themselves highly infused with human culture (superbly far from the natural laws) tells me to put in a large catalog of precious fossils, churches, mosques and all places of worship that worship unacceptable partiality of an eternal unit. If you want to take into account a likely innate orientation that attempts to know what is beyond the immediate knowable could operationalize places devoid of any reference to these religions. There are in fact incontrovertible data that tell us that our planet is part of a cosmological situation that count on natural laws (as far as is possible to know about the limited human intelligence) still valid in those portions of cosmic knowledge of which we can have cognition; consequently all knowledge entries made by the various human cultures certify a superb human and impractical prevalence. I've repeatedly said it is better to insist that humanity is only a part of that wonderful network of interconnections that structures life, the operation of humanity in harmony with the other biological and physical components planetary......

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