martedì 12 luglio 2016

Ineradicable fundamentality

L 'I called Princess, for his reclusive and austere behavior, affectionately engaging even when contained in precise limits.
They have feelings, infrequent memories that emerge after dozens of years, survivors of a small concrete reality.
Princess is a kitten, entrusted to me a few weeks after his birth and the color of her clothing was similar to that of a lioness.
E 'it come of age in a sufficiently natural environment; a house that was next to a small side dish of wasteland, where there were some small groups of oaks and acacias. He accepted the food I brought her in a particular place near the house, he accepted only by me; not tolerate even furtive accarezzamenti.
After a few years of this relationship, I had to be away for almost a month.
On my return the relatives informed me about the Princess conduct during the period of my absence.
He had accepted food from anyone, only some meow, way, way more and more faint.
Evidently he was left to die of starvation due to the absence of a key component of his world.

Without wishing to groped to diminish the dignity of anyone, gentle affectionate memory of Princess suggest me some consideration that definitely applies to me but unlikely to be accepted by all those other people more or less close to my deepest inclinations, to those considerations which for many years they have helped me in performing usual daily life. Princess is never output from my memories more engaging and more full of sympathy that has pervaded me. Despite the relatively short time between the presence of Princess and daily events in which they are involved, starting with the corresponding engaging remember my residual process of life he has not neglected to include among the more contemporary events that sweet memory.
That path suggested by the behavior of the cat, now took me to coincide with other, more difficult openings to outcomes that dramatically criticized by most of my very numerous experts, would be difficult or even impossible to share.
It is useless to advance paraphrase softening, infiorate deductions to try to facilitate acceptable digestibility, to belittle ignorant arrogance. The ignorant persistent anthropocentric arrogance is difficult that falls within the inescapable awareness of the obvious and explosive relativistic of a simple reality. A number of small companies involving biological and physical entirety of this planet. A beautiful planet fascinatingly articulated but undoubtedly limited and unsuited to allow the unlimited growth advocated by those people unable to see a little further than the modest confines in which they operate.

I am consciously, painfully convinced that the many personalities who by their admirable efforts have sought to broaden the knowable, that have brought success, the human race in the last twenty thirty thousand years and even more unfortunately not deserve special appreciation.
They are people who have developed their valuable personality in a geo-anthropocentrism ancestral. The preposterous, intolerable tracotanze and geocentric beliefs are unlikely to be eradicated by precise, indisputable fact evidenced by the Copernican revolution.
Returning again to the Princess his behavior, it can have a very high educational significance for a series of superb, ignorant personality. It becomes evident that the vital operations of a too insignificant animal can teach beautifully, awareness for a glitzy relativistic series of small truths. A small animal offers the possibility of being taken for example to an ignorant and arrogant percentage of belonging to a race, the human one. Painfully aware personally ashamed to be indispensable part of that one race animal that over the last millennia is guilty of death, destruction, a whole series of degrading ignominy that would hide the dignity, the value of each component of this planet.
Preposterous and unacceptable unnecessary devised attempts to load the lofty meanings impossible deductions. Very numerous and enlightening the number of human beings that have marked the operation most historically and intellectually acceptable. These exemplary figures are to be inserted without any exclusion in the planetary daily life; Total respect for their rational logical framework in amazing planetary relational network.

You have to remember, however, the immense distance between the rigorous and acceptable laws of nature and the product of a thousand years old, questionable frameworks developed by the varied and variable human rationality that has not been made sufficiently into account that the different nationalities operating on the planetary surface have nothing that can bring them closer to the laws of nature.

Only the human animal breed and only this has resulted over the last thirty thousand forty thousand years, numerous deaths and serious damage to the environment and to those human constructions worthy of admiration. No other component that inhabits this planet is responsible for the series of outrages that have been loaded modest unbalanced, intelligence of my race who is believed to forcefully occupy the apex of a pyramid arrogantly, ignorantly stupidante hierarchical and does not have the minimum awareness considered part of a harmonious, bright throughout. Unfortunately in these aberrant belief they fit "SPIRITUALLY" all religious speculations that do not, can not be based on natural and concreteness of facts provable, resistant to the most critical drastic. Do not take any account that natural laws are the laws created by the immense divine Eternity; laws and the suggested human behavior from various religions, they should not have to be modified by religiosity and beliefs that do not take account of these essential. In the specific case with regard to sexuality, the natural law that clearly requires the union of the male gamete with the female is a naturalness that deserves total respect and can not be diminished by aberrant and ridiculous religious positions. To create beings that should be invested by special saving functions, it is simply absurd to think of natural extra interventions. Must repeat determinately, that natural laws are considered normal events as part 
of a general valid norm in incontrovertibly on everything that happens on this small planet. It is shameful that many religious buildings do not take account of these essential and no one can arrogate the right to feel directly inspired by the gods for groped to validate mentality and situations that could be an insult to the gods but in fact fall on modest human rationality.

Humanity has provided some acceptable prerogatives, free to think that horror of absolute certainties, the human qualities of logic and rationality to use with dutiful foresight, freed from unprovable, ignorant and superb convictions. Certain operations could be considered an insult to the eternal immensity, but evidently the insult lies with the arrogance of those few who regard the car as possible on this small, amazing planet.

I feel committed at that emotional basket, inserted in my deepest feelings, to have me constantly in the presence despite the many years of the wonder of that animated cat, which illuminated with its flashes of emotion in my humble perception that stimulated interweaving of emotions.
The serious and often very serious issues that animate planetary everyday do not try to realize that humanity is ONLY one of the many components of this planet and can not claim the right to be considered the apex of a pyramid impossible that hinge on a absurd impossible hierarchy.
Anyone without any obligation aim to be at the service of "the people" should not forget that this fact requires a commitment without which the political activity loses all meaning and inabbissa selfishness staff and its group. I feel the personal duty to apologize to my readers if unfortunately my old age with relative and progressive degeneration of brain neurons and subsequent loss of synaptic connections does not allow me the clarity, rational quell'iter need to make it easy to share operational situations that are able using acceptably personal residues of modest intelligence with which I and other human components are fitted. Under these conditions, I feel compelled to repeat reflections, it has been said and repeated deductions. The unacceptable, impractical nonsense that pollutes us since in the era geocentric man car considered king of creation and even more serious image of the deity.
Unfortunately this absurd, impossible belief is widespread among that small percentage that human self considered the apex of a pyramid of impractical bureaucratic hierarchy. It is not the first time I ask myself the following considerations to the attention of those who want to try to understand what is below the surface. Evidently considered prestigious positions require their continued existence; constantly present fear of challenging situations of privilege, which blocks the majority of intellectuals, politicians and artists of complete acceptance and discuss the privileged untouchables positions. If the modest human intelligence was used in a more balanced and aware of its possibilities there may be a much more efficient use, balanced and relatable equal basis with prevailing huge amount of people considered to be of little or no importance.......

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