venerdì 15 luglio 2016


There are many possibilities offered by the probabilistic myriad of stars that make up the small immense galaxy of which we are part.
It is likely that many stars in our galaxy have planetary objects that orbit around them; it is equally likely that some of these bodies can be inhabited by living things, holders of various degrees of intelligence resulting in knowledge of what constitutes them and surround them.
That may be useful to guide the simplicity that is in and around us.
In the concreteness of the possibilities that animate the obvious effects of the most diverse everyday life, it would be useful to become aware of the relativistic meaning of our existence. Resize the light of facts not previously known, the impractical, arrogant geo-anthropocentrism, deleterious consequence of fairytale beliefs.
beliefs were born and raised in total ingratitude of the concrete fact that our world is one of the worlds that make up the Milky Way, our galaxy; It is more than enough simply to concrete Copernican revolution that has corrected the superb course, impossible geocentric position created and maintained by boldly ignorant of excellent positions only solution he believed humanity, justifying the essence of the whole universe.
A universe simplistically filed down a few stars and a few planets and the arrogant, impossible presence of a being who combines in itself a privilege that can not be appropriated. Beliefs preposterous burdened by arrogant sicumere that pollute still likelihoods simple naturalness. Probabilities and likelihoods found concrete and repeatedly controlled relativistically incontrovertible facts, which inexorably cancel imaginative circulated certainties for millennia in the minds of so many believe to have "documented" certainties in several texts often made sacred.
The anthropocentrism is elementary proof of the modest human intelligence who nonetheless may advantageously use the natural gifts of free thinking, logic, rationality. This intelligent operation should lead, not in the short term, unfortunately, the necessary awareness that humanity, in concrete planetary limits, is part of a harmonious connective tissue, an amazing mind blowing meaning relational network.The foregoing should form a natural communion with the other components of the galaxy of which we are part, simple interconnections.
It certainly is not necessary to go beyond what is said and involve the whole universe was born from super quoted Bang.
This was used, according to recent acquisitions only a part of the existing quantum fluctuations that probabilistically could have created parallel universes.
In this regard, concrete likelihoods may be investigated by those few people who make comments in accordance with those few others who try to go into a past of billions and billions of years, and in an equally long cosmic future.
These relativistic deductions cancel millennia of inconsistent speculations advanced and developed by overvalued personalities who have done ignorantly, superficially in the last twenty thousand, thirty thousand years and more; a historiographical complex, artistic, cultural drastically impossible, subject to intense activity, the commitment of all personalities who have produced acceptable hypothesis despite the worst ingratitude of facts highlighting new acquisitions unexceptionable evidence.
That may be enough already to frame consistent with the continuous series of those effects of daily life involving determinately a myriad of small details. The causes which determine the above effects are taken into account very difficult; the concern that moderate positions held by high-sounding prestige can be set aside and clog secondary importance archives, keeps preposterous positions.
It is difficult for all those who consider themselves the height of a great pyramid which includes a quantity of human excellence, seek to understand the huge gap between the laws of human society and those of naturalness.
Appropriately I feel compelled to review what I had previously said about the very important activities of Caleb Scharf, director of 'Astrobiology Center of prestigious Columbia University and his book entitled "The complex of Copernicus."
That way I do not like at all; I see something of disparaging the fundamental revolutionary reversal resizing without any possible acceptability, a fact only limited to our planet.That title unites the revolution to some psycho analytical processing, it can be valid only for our planet; for the various planetary components and simply, for they drastically. It can not be simply transferred beyond these limits. Even more difficult to share what I modestly believe a misguided attempt to re-evaluate a geocentric planetary inexorably destroyed by the Copernican revolution.
I confirm my full adherence to the immense opening Scharf worked in my humble view angle.
My thanks is total and lasting. Having said that it pains me to see that the dear Caleb can not shake off the overwhelming conviction of the particular light excellence of human society; as it is often repeated humanity is a part of the many components that make up the wonderful connective tissue, the light correlation of many components of the planetary network.
Only onto joyfully, emotionally into the planetary whole you can complete the amazing unity that involves biology and physicality.
Absurd, unthinkable a bureaucratic hierarchy that can certainly fulfill the demanding tasks of equalization that will liven up a future in unpredictable act, in view of swagger that clouds the minds and operation of those who should strive for the realization desirable interconnected.
In my opinion, the fundamental point which should guide those human qualities, must be the conviction that 'anthropocentrism is to be considered as one of the most common psychiatric disorders.
Pathologies that afflict solely those arrogant elite who self consider the maximum intelligence and that culturame in frantic race to gain visibility, consideration and economic benefits; if we want to venture a statistic, that lofty party may reach a rate of not more than all '1% of the human population. This immense rest must adapt out of necessity, to the commandments of the highest levels of the hierarchy. Appropriately we can add to what was said, those people and groups who are content to pick up the crumbs scattered from that small percentage.
We can say in full conviction that humanity, however, has enormous opportunity to welcome in the connective and in their own relational network own tissue some excellences that consolidate those egregious human qualities that are worthy of the highest praise, engaging emotions.In this regard, I want to highlight three female characters who in my opinion are of the highest excellence.
The more distant in time (1310-1345) is the Sicilian of Messina, whose name is Camiola Thüringen that with disdain and motivated refusal did not consent to the agreed marriage with Orlando of Aragon for the haughty and arrogant behavior of the man who was to become his groom and for which he shelled out a significant sum for his freedom.
Another example of excellence is the one offered by Marie Olympe de Gouges in full public French Revolution, the "Universal Declaration of Women's Rights and the town." As a just reward and with the generous contribution of Robespierre was guillotined.
The third example, quite recently as the English Emily Hobhouse town that had the simple, natural, but immense courage to stand alone arrogance, the criminal behavior of British imperialism, supported by the royal house and the democratic institutions !!! These strengths oppressed natural, correttissime aspirations of the Boers.
The current behavior of the so-called Caliphate can be easily treated with certain opprobrious behavior that superb ignorance of human society has developed over the last thirty or forty thousand years. High crime situations that have a common origin in the modest human intelligence unable to perceive conditions that are of unquestionable and repeatedly documented acceptability. Human intelligence with clear evidence is very modest and more clouded by an arrogance that generates deep pain.
No one wants to see that humanity is only one of the components of that wonderful fabric, those connections that unify the totality of planetary equilibrium.
We should never forget that our world is part of the small immense galaxy we call the Milky Way and we depend entirely by the energy that sends us our parent star.What a disaster for many sicumere, for many obvious unacceptability was operationalize DNA research than concrete facts can cancel the exciting mythologies, idolatry pages and pages were traced to unnatural, for extra human intervention, creating unrealistic and unacceptable people wrapped in smoky descriptions.
These human creations were surrounded by alleged truths that they did not, they could not have physical evidence, while more evident relativism in which our world has lived and continues to live.
 To limit ourselves to daily concreteness by a blood test conducted with the most rigorous and thorough technical, how do you get the royalty of many, many dynasties? Recognize the blood group does not have decisive significance of concreteness. Only DNA research where and when it is possible, may allow proper, documented and repeatedly controlled guideline that can lead us to a flawless relativistically valid path here and now, certainly not an ignorant and presumptuous semper et ubique. Daily, repetition of transubstantiation officiated in the central part of the liturgy of the Catholic Mass as it can be taken into consideration? I stop here not to disturb the credulous belief of many.

I ask softly apologize to my readers if I dare to report on my recent knowledge derived from unexpected emotional personal appreciation offered me the first of Edward Elgar's Symphony (1857-1934) a composer until a few months ago for me completely unknown. Punctual and shared the exegesis of the experts, but for me layman, they do not add much to 'emotional enlargement and the concrete adherence to my musical world that this symphony has given me. No other musical compositions that have graced my life, it is so naturally imprinted in what are my deepest essence, the light of the natural need to adapt to the ever-evolving knowledge.

The large number of daily events in which we are immersed, in fact fall within the general framework of knowledge of probability, although it is difficult being constantly inundated with accidental discern what is more important than other that they can be temporarily shelved. Recognizing these facts particularities that call for verisimilitude is a bit 'more difficult because this brings more attention and some modest further knowledge; despite these obvious difficulties, this method should be deeply implemented if you want to try to understand as clearly as possible the deep that often lies beneath the obvious simpler and accepted. Very numerous the number of human beings that have marked the operation most historically and intellectually accepted. These belong to my animal breed are to be inserted without any exclusion in the planetary daily life; Total respect for their rational logical framework in amazing planetary relational network. You have to remember, however, the immense distance between the rigorous and acceptable laws of nature and the product of a thousand years old, questionable frameworks developed by the varied and variable human rationality that has not been made sufficiently into account that the different nationalities operating on the planetary surface have nothing that can bring them closer to the laws of nature.

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