sabato 16 luglio 2016


I ask softly apologize to my readers if I dare to report on my recent knowledge derived from unexpected emotional personal appreciation offered me the first of Edward Elgar's Symphony (1857-1934) a composer until a few months ago for me completely unknown. Punctual and shared the exegesis of the experts, but for me layman, they do not add much to 'emotional enlargement and the concrete adherence to my musical world that this symphony has given me. No other musical compositions that have graced my life, it is so naturally imprinted in what are my deepest essence, the light of the natural need to adapt to the ever-evolving knowledge. Similarly I would feel to pull over to another composer Edward Elgar almost coeval load even he a truly exceptional musical sensitivity. I am referring to Sergei Prokofiev, which very young, not yet twenty, he composed the Symphony No. 1 for piano and orchestra. This symphony clearly describes the characteristics of the author's personal style. A brilliant piano technique that expresses with great conviction a penetrating vitality, highly addictive, with a varied description of deep feelings until you get to the highest levels of lyricism.Once on this road I feel committed to engaging further musical knowledge. C is another great highly regarded author in the world but virtually unknown in Italy. I refer to James MacMillan and his work Confession of Isobel Gowdie that some years ago he had an exceptional immersive appreciation for the program of Prom Royal Albert Holl

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