sabato 9 luglio 2016


Again present to a wider Knowability some mail addressed 04-08 07 . the whole city ne radio broadcast talks
Humanity is ONLY a part of this planet. No animal led to deaths and destruction such as those made by human intelligence. The intelligence should aim to broaden the knowledge of the laws of nature valid in the past, in the contemporary world and perhaps in the future
Impractical arrogant propose unlimited growth for a finite planet; further confirmation of the modest, unbalanced human intelligence. Very different and very bright operation of the human race conscious of the dignity and value that fit into that network of connections with the biological and physical components planetary.
The culturame prevailing in mass mediologiche attendance not only Westernised, with its static meanness, has not yet managed to include in the general awareness of the immense significance of the illuminating Copernican revolution. Painful and depressing the widespread belief that considers still the man the king of creation.
The artistic - cultural level, unfortunately involves a percentage that does not exceed 2% of the world population. Keep in mind that any biological and physical components of this planet has the highest value and dignity, nothing and no one can increase it, reduce it, or destroy it, as harmoniously connected with the planetary whole. What was said, it could be considered lightly out of time and out of place if we do not try to add it in the search for causes too far away that determine the everyday life. The geo-anthropocentrism has been eradicated from the Copernican revolution and aware humility should not be repeated.

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