mercoledì 9 dicembre 2015


I feel a deep, intimate sense of mercy toward myself, to the natural limitations of shortcomings as well as the many more or less conscious mistakes that can punctuate the life of each of us, insignificant beings umani.Semplicemente useless from a logical point of view, rational and theological pietire mercy from an eternal immensity that we can not know because of the immeasurable distance; distance that can not be reduced by the intervention of imaginative angelic beings or real people hired to act as mediators, prophets etc. Imaginative mass mediological exaltation of unnecessary holy doors;
Concretely useful ineliminable the door that leads into a place where you can freely exercise naturally unavoidable natural functions. The nature of most of the animal species, including humans, requires the periodic removal of the contents of the ampoule rectal and bladder, precise unequivocal signs of life, life that involves taking too much food, water and atmospheric oxygen. And adequate periods of rest and sleep.Avoid carefully to approach an area that requires deep delicacy, careful caution behavior of inner freedom that demand the highest privacy.

It seems to me that these simple and incontrovertible exposure can not find a logical rational criticism. It is simply unacceptable that everything knowable and the existing planetarium, is a harmonic exciting network of connections that go far beyond fancy (this not to offend) buildings which could be accepted the ignorant period geo - anthropocentric, that stemmed from ignorance impossibility of knowing anything beyond the immediate human perception. Today we have valid and concrete possibilities that allow us to put in a neat file that had been designed and built when the man himself as the king of a small universe and impossible image of the deity. The enhanced super jubilee has a validity that involves only a minority of humanity. Drastic synthesis: some mandatory conscious humility.

God's mercy. Watch your hectic superb activism Bergoglio, illuminated

Religions are grown in ignorance geocentrism. light heliocentric gives proper light to dispel the darkness previous

Humanity part on the planet. Anthropocentrism superb instability. proud ignorance

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