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...................................................................................................................................................................September 21 equinox occurs, one of the two equinoctial days of the year. It reflects on the symbolism that can have this day with his sense of fairness that entails; how come no one has thought to value the great implications of the equality between duration of day and night, the charming ideal significance for humanity that this parity brings with it; encompassing the full uniqueness that can engage the human race, celebrating it as the highest symbol of brotherhood and world peace. Not the many celebrations of holidays that affect only parts of humanity who identify with a religion, in a display of national pride and so continuing. Any festive day, in every fraction of our planet, it celebrates values ​​appreciated only by a party of people, as opposed to values ​​sometimes idealized by others. All of these situations could be considered of minimal importance when reports and communications between the various parts of the plant had little or no effect. It seems urgently needed a real unification of a number of values ​​accepted by all as common heritage, without stifling the obligatory and useful diversity. The choice of a single day of celebration for the whole human race that coincides with the equinox, could be the beginning of a turning ideal. Utopian proposal, but with the possibility of implementation within a short time; concrete and practical feasibility for men of good will, as of unification in diversity: it offers a world day festive in effect, institutionalized by all governments of the earth; a unifying day full of symbolic meanings of cohesion for all ethnic groups, religions, all cultures of the continents. The most suitable time for this celebration should coincide with one of the equinoctial days, when night and day are distributed on an equal basis two hemispheres; day- symbol of justice throughout the world. Day that has a clear natural astronomical and does not rely on historical events or ideologies that might elicit objections of various kinds. Day of celebration for humanity and for the whole environment that is the cradle and the nourishment of corporeality and ideals of every human being. A name for the aims is FEAST Equinox, to be celebrated on March 21 each year. The O.N.U. He should make his proposal and to call on all governments of Earth to ufficializzarla. For a complete unity of humanity and for the practice of cancellation absurd and artificial differences between people, with daily complications and imbalances no longer tolerable in a society already highly correlated, it would be desirable to reform the global calendar making from year zero ( or one) and starting from the spring equinox. With the hope and the hope that we can accelerate progress towards a horizon of humanity greater civility, respect and dignity for all members of the unicum that is our small, beautiful planet.

taken from Equinox edition EDAS 2003 page 125 et seq

In a tragic turn of events of this terrible period, the old idea of ​​'equinox day could be considered inappropriate and out of time.
In my opinion, the dramatic crime series of daily events, calls my view that it is necessary to try to influence as positively as possible on the horrific aspects of everyday life.
All violence, even those considered to be necessary generate, sooner or later always more violence. It would be logically, rationally appropriate to ask what may be the responsibility of our lofty Western civilization; how much influence in the criminal determinism may have developed the inhuman terrorist activity of the events of everyday life today.
The persistence unconsciously destructive exploitation of natural resources beyond their usual boundaries, leaving only local miserable crumbs as it can be decisive in the local populations of their rights to claim criminal?
It would be right and proper to recite continuous acts of sorrow on the part of all of us who belong to the so-called Western society and not react uncompounded and violent action of terrorist exalted arrogant criminals who think they are allowed to change the world according to their inhuman, anti planetary ignorance.
The utopian, dramatically utopian proposal of 'equinox day, utopian because it is the modest human intelligence for more misused that makes impossible the simple proposal. The serious impulse unconsciously, ignorantly repeated towards a continuous growth of human society, already abnormally impressive and unbalanced, the arrogant anthropocentrism that pollutes classes "cultural" promises dire consequences for future generations and for the whole planet. All this, sorrowfully, leaves no hope for a future better than the present. No grandiloquent rise of the various technicalities may not authorize hopes that fact will not have solid foundations on which to desirable improvements.
We must have the courage to try to understand as deeply as possible upon previously. I would therefore have to insist and reiterate my questionable reflections.
However laudable, efficient and necessary action of the modest human beings who propose to clean and remove necessary with proper activities dirt, filth, created by so many opinionated intellectuals and men of government and various politicians. All these people without the humble, modest and steady operation guazzerebbero in filth filthy and smelly. Few beings who consider themselves superior car for a supposed higher intelligence does not make any account of insignificance that foolishly consider depressing; aware insignificance, granite pedestal that values ​​belonging to a sublime harmonic planetary network of connections. For sore modesty staff I prefer close here.

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