mercoledì 2 dicembre 2015


Taken from the "autumnal equinox" Edas 2004 page 41 and following

Religions have fundamental importance in determining the status of certain mental and social; often liquid argument by noting that the problem is with the conscience of the individual, his freedom of judgment and the final acceptance of one faith. Way of thinking perfectly acceptable but that minimizes the demanding responsibility that everyone has to try to understand, to distinguish between right and wrong; is a behavior from ostrich to avoid annoying exhibitions and judgments unpleasant. Unfortunately, between the religious yearning and the relationship with the Supreme Being we fit various intermediaries seeking to orient according to their "inspired" judgment the obvious human impulse towards an innate need for clear knowledge that goes beyond the limited personal possibilities. How deeply negative interference of the large amount of people who are powerful hierarchies that, in the most important and popular religions, driving virtually uncontradicted, remarkable aspects of the intimate life and social behavior of large masses of people? The certainties that try to instill what can be considered rightly shared? How true are the truths that are considered custodians? The truth often in irreconcilable conflict with other truths vetustamente uncontrollable, without consistency with successive elementary acquisitions, before even conceivable, may be accepted only by faith? What value and what meaning to certain religious events organized or spontaneous techniques of great showmanship? A religious event that becomes the religious show, even for blatant and sought media coverage, how much religion preserves? These few simple observations and considerations are sufficient to realize the great influences high share of negativity that every religion and all religions together, determine; is truly heroic hard and difficult path that humanity, humbly, step by stepmust groped to take to shake off all the ancestral and consolidated ignorance, the huge burden of exploitation, abuse, conditioning that the "guide" interested many "pastors" exercised over the flock. Outrage continued the elementary sense of justice that pervades every one of us; "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice ... the rest will be added unto you." The opinion of the experts of religion is expressed without taking account of the lack of a basic element as may be the right and inalienable freedom of judgment; the views expressed concordance or discordance with the orthodoxy of which they feel custodians, orthodoxy that for them has absolute value. They do not realize or do not want to admit that the basis of orthodoxy can be incorrect and not acceptable. In fact the foundation of any orthodoxy are considered most valid only on the one hand, big or small it may be, while the rest is right arguments for not accepting them. Indisputable certainties are an insult to even the most modest human intelligence, fundamental divine gift. In the field of thought, even in its most brilliant formulations, we can not give solutions and certainties always valid for all. Anyone who expresses and offers absolute certainty is definitely a braggart; everything is wonderfully relative and questionable. Discuss it. We reflect and seek solid foundations, a substantial starting point. When it comes to religion, and of Christianity in particular it refers to the theological constructions that have taken place in the previous millennia. Christianity participating omit the base biblica- the fact of the presence of life, physical on this corner of the universe of Christ considered God-Man. The idea theological creed of Christianity today is the result of a problem that through the various councils and the ideas of the great saints-theologians has been systematized and articulated with numerous contributions, with all exegesis; we can add all the cultural contributions outside but basically fed and amplified by the acceptance of what is considered a definite fact and that is the recognition of Christ as the God-Man. In this view there is a great correlation, despite the many controversies, schisms and heresies. We wonder if these structures of thought and practice religious activity possess a base, a foundation of precise high acceptability; this skyscraper that soars upward that has foundations and on what ground these foundations are planted ... .more

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