martedì 22 dicembre 2015


We are all brothers? Perhaps there is something more of a brotherhood. We particles, cells of a vast, coordinated, harmonious body from which nothing can be ruled out. All biological and physical constituents of this exalted planet form a breathtaking equal, fair-minded unity. Unit for nothing broken by numerous, appropriate and valuable variety constituents. As for humanity, we see that each of us has specific characteristics that set us apart from everyone else, see for example the DNA and fingerprints. Therefore particles well differentiated but not constituting a set disconoscibile. A warm invitation to superb, unacceptable visions of the various religions always opposed, to resize the absurdities of which they are made.
It seems appropriate to add to what I said a further example of the all-encompassing planetary units; It is an intense, fervent good wishes for the coming year:
Happy New Year to all the poles and meridians that connect them, flying them equally the lands and waters of this world, concrete demonstration of total planetary units.

A proper thanks to SUN for light, heat, for all the gifts that enable life, the vitality of our world.
Readers who gratify me to read what is written, have the courtesy to not pigeonhole, catalog these reflections in partial, limited, questionable cultural schemes or unrealistic absolutism.
Again I call those who follow my thoughts to read free and freely criticize my blog

I wish the whole planet a Best New Year.
sana saiida - gelukkige nuwejaar- 
hnit thit ku mingalar pa-  
xin nièn kuai le / xin nièn hao- 
felicxan novan jaron feliæan
novan jaron-bonne année- 
selamat tahun baru- akemashite omedetô-  
kia hari te tau hou- feliz ano novo- 
С Новым Годом- feliz año nuevo- 
tashi délek

Sincerely obliged the old Carmel

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