giovedì 3 dicembre 2015


The account of the trip to Africa made by Bergoglio exposed hearing on December 2, he has given me a sacred revolt. Many of the things he said, deserve to be drastically challenged one by one; respect for those who have heard his words mitigates the scorching pain that attacked me and continues to trouble me. How can the leader of a religious minority, although superficially contained very clear minority can afford to speak and express an exegesis of an eternal divine immensity immeasurably distant from creatures; the distance that can not be reduced logically, rationally and theologically by angelic intervention, prophets and so on. What is more there is to say that religions, including Christian, have been developed, built, the ignorant superb period geocentric and this can justify many imaginative constructions. The Copernican revolution largely unknown and perhaps deliberately, inexorably erased ancestral fantasies; human intelligence, poor and modest despite numerous attempts to exaltation, is supposed to join the free thought that horror of absolute certainties, become aware of a cosmological reality that can not be brushed aside.

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