giovedì 3 dicembre 2015


The primitive basis of everything develops from the pages of Genesis; the creation of Adam, the fault committed by disobeying on God, the transmission of the blame to his descendants, then all of us, and the forgiveness of sin with the killing and bloodshed of the sacrificial lamb, which by necessity of things must have the human and divine nature inseparably united, man his mother's side, for God the Father; the limited human mind is unable to imagine how the divine omnipotence would be explicated in the opposite case, that is, man to his father's side, God on his mother. In this framework (male) you can find consistency in view of time, when knowledge of facts on the ground was sufficiently problematic; the practice of animal sacrifices and even human trafficking was widespread, and God was appeased in his wrath, for the alleged insult received, with the offering of sacrifice in his honor and in recognition of his power; simply consistent that logic. All this was part of a Ptolemaic conception of which placed the Earth at the center of the universe and the center of divine love. Are many considerations that can develop from the above; no need to build superstructures. Knowledge of facts, observations repeatedly and strictly controlled, (sometimes ob twisted neck) leads us to consider the inspired Truth narrated in Genesis without feedback. If we consider them as legendary construction of a reality of difficult knowledge they deserve a total, welcome appreciation, not more, unfortunately. Similar legends, however, are present in all civilizations that attempt to systematize in the best way possible to a time when a serious lack of knowledge made it impossible to proceed on less evanescent. The biblical God, to each other, is a god Middle East, that "ignore" it can be extended over the world, who has not yet "discovered" America and this leads him to unload on the people who have " created "on the shoulders of a few, the enormous weight" blast "a sin incomprehensible, morally unjust, which contradicts divine qualities, which nullify the free personal responsibility. There paleoantropolici tell us that they know where to place Adam; we must place it between Homo habilis and erectus, or between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens? Humanity today comes from all over a single strain (Adam?) Or there are diversions, detours previous Adam? If that were a part of humanity (the Australian Aborigines?) Would be free from original sin; a great foundation for building falters crumbly. The theologians, the great exegetes, the inspired religious convince us with rigor and consistency on the validity of an indispensable basis, not waste time talking to us about what is simply the next. Perplexed reflections,heavy doubts, simple to difficult questions, correct answers. A large part of the disasters that humanity has suffered throughout human history can be attributed to religion, the idea that men, human society has assigned to the gods; the idea, very often, was the support that the complex of the various powers has developed to preserve and increase the power already possessed, thereby robbing the dignity of the individual and the fundamental human rights. The key point of all religions and fundamentally negative systematized is definitely the opposition; every believer by the mere fact that a religious belief, whatever it may be, is at odds with those who have different beliefs and this necessity engenders intolerance, even if only psychological; the hypocritical veils of love, fraternity and other similar good feelings do not detract from the seriousness of the conflict. The tolerance is expressed in words he has something subtly superb, intimate attitude of false understanding. It is to accept the more fully the possibility that there is a supreme being who created, "evolutionary" ordered the universe in which we participate and other possible universes from the "infinite" possibility Explanatory time "eternal", a time which already existed before super mentioned Big Bang; a history of space - time, matter -energy that you begin to see some little light. The image of this supreme being gives us every religion is humanly small, limited, partial, unacceptable and because distant from what should be the very essence of divinity, is actually a blasphemous substitute; an idea that could be framed, and with difficulty, in a Ptolemaic cosmology. The idea is all the more blasphemous if it relates to the use of the image that the various powers coalesced and users make...continues

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