venerdì 4 dicembre 2015


Every human being must find in the depths of his being, in the great divine gift of intelligence and rationality, the strength to cut through the fog of the so-called faith, conveniently uncritical acceptance of truths that are not reflected in the facts, facts that do emphasize the impossibility really concrete stories and beliefs that have occurred as obstinately, obsessively us is anxious to have us believe; the "holy" ignorance telling us about events and sub construction is proving, with the progress of real knowledge, real ignorance and arrogance is certainly groped laboriously to come as close as possible to the truth. You should consider the serious pride autoconsiderarsi worthy of the world embodying the divine image (certain realities may not like). We should recognize the existence of a deep relationship based not querulous demands, to offer unnecessary, barbaric in eating of sacrificial lambs, but intense though learn sympathy, although unbalanced mutual love relationship, immediately and without unnecessary intermediaries, presence mystically encompassing the sacred human materiality, infinitesimal part of the divine santità..mein ist Himmel und Erde an meinen Werken kennst du mich (C.Furchtegott Gellert). Study, interpret, describe today the immense complex of reality you can not do it just intuitively as you have always done in the millennia we have behind; intuition, the great human intelligence is unfortunately dramatically limited. This finding incontrovertible spreads a feeling of great humility and proud arrogance of certain considerations that have fueled the minds of a large number of philosophers and theologians. Human intuition is good only for understanding a world seen in only three dimensions, in a time which flows only in a certain way, with no possibility of being able to intuitively merge the two concepts of space and time to cement them as a whole. This our natural inability put us very often to commit serious errors of interpretation, to deduct a number of concepts that are difficult to match with the facts on the ground; rigorous studies, in the depths of the facts of nature, marked by mathematical parameters of high verifiability, have taught us that our thought patterns do not allow us to validate concepts that can be considered in this light fossils of rationality. It is to be completely blind and arrogant to think that human rationality is the highest degree of the possibilities of the universe; we can not imagine any way the possible realities that are out of our land; Let us realize that humanity is the highest possible in our world. Any true and rigorous study, whatever his field of study, can not afford not to know, beyond the chapters in his field, at least the most basic acquisitions of pure science, astronomy and cosmology, in order to avoid gross errors perspective, even if the reality that surrounds us physically is of enormous complexity and ongoing acquisitions pose more questions than they give answers. A theologian friend watched and weighed a large stone and reflected whereas that stone existed because a human being, thinking, intelligence, the soul of the world deigned to form the idea of ​​his existence; it should be noted that the theologian in question with all his intelligence, with all studies that had formed his knowledge, he had no knowledge of the intimate, physical essence of stone, and for the deeper nature, which could not be perceived intuitively because this intuition could not get to the essence of that insignificant stone, the immense extension of the internal void, the swirling motion of particles inside; in summary a very serious aberration from simple ignorance. This is essentially the position of studies that are included in the great melting pot of theology. The religious problem can be understood in two extremes impossible to meet; on the one hand the so-called atheists, accompanied by those who consider the issue religious something that does not concern them, something which should be applied to the religious profession. Other practitioners, those who have faith, with the full range of positions that range integralism inhumane to lukewarm continues ......

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