venerdì 4 dicembre 2015


All the prayers, the praise, the rituals, any personal sacrifices that you can practice, of course, add nothing to the majesty of God and the recognition of his omnipotence; They are human manifestations that are being promoted in order to increase and consolidate the interests of those who do good and bad weather, events and especially the deity does not need. What to think of all the empyrean Catholic with all the various subdivisions of angels, the saints, the servants of God bureaucratic hierarchies, not forgetting the various devils with anxieties that generate; the Christian Middle Ages in particular conveys images of fear and absurd malice. Always terrible messages that come from other religions, other fundamentalisms, messages of inhumanity that makes it dramatically incomprehensible positions and rational integrity of a huge number, painfully too big of human beings who can not break free from a credulity that there sad, a credulity that is based on concepts that would drop to life-giving breath of a simple but rigorous disheartened accepted with intellectual honesty, elastically, dynamically lively. It has never been easy or possible to effectively counter the huge negative influence of the coalition that amalgam perversely the various powers, which artificially raises the phony image of many so-called authorities always surrounded by considerable material goods; the true authority, it would be more correct to call authoritative, it shuns arrogance more or less veiled and cloaked in a simple humility that expresses the deep conviction of his own human limitations and considering the amount of billions of humans. We admire and value, without emphasizing, the positive qualities of those people, few unfortunately, that with dedication, sacrifice, elastically critical intelligence, endeavor to increase the essential really great values ​​that make up the distinctive and authentic heritage site. Disertiamo the huge gatherings, large political rallies and religious attempt to plagiarism listen severely critical certain invitations and exhortations that they want to lose sight of specific facts, not rimandabili priorities; build individually, personally, with pride tempered by humility, the majestic edifice of our inner dignity, not forgetting to adapt and enter the building in the composite reality of this planet, to be harmonized with the reality of the universe. Unachievable sogno- pure follia- visionary utopia. Since the dawn of time every human group, every ethnic group in any part of this world lived was created signs, symbols that they were individually and they would be distinguished from the others; This activity has been passed without interruption to this day. The symbol, the logo, the brand, the flag invade all human activity, from the most commercial and market the highest expression of religions and ideologies. The numbers of symbols that arise, even if we make a concise historical background; the Roman eagles, signs of Mithra, the beam, the swastika, the signs of the political parties, the bull and the bear bag the prancing horse of Ferrari and it could continue for several thousands more. Every symbol, every sign draws attention definite that you should attach great importance to a clear identification and a well-efficient approach towards the group that comes up with that image; all perfectly acceptable if applied to commercial activities. When applied to an ideology that wants to be highly representative we will begin to cause any adverse effects. The desire to emphasize, highlight the merits that the symbol has accumulated, deliberately forgetting the various demerits that would surely have been the outline is not worthy of men who would try, like everyone else, the truth and justice, dignity and that of others which should enrich the intellectual gifts and not impoverish mortifying with attitudes that can be accepted by a minority, to be addressed only in a lighted world living in darkness. You may have high noble ideals outside of any religious organization, saints "lay"; some names of exemplary humanity: Gandhi, Dunant, Schweitzer, R. Menchú. Conversely large, the greatest saints can express concepts, mindset impossible to share (v. 1 Peter 2:13 and St.-2nd St. Peter 3, 1 ff - Paul to the Romans 13, 1 and s. - Paul 1 Corinthians 7.4 ...). For many reasons, not least that the opportunity would be right to say nothing of the Christian roots of Europe; Christian roots too often they did germinate and grow many plants and many bad impressions to accept and admire. I'm not certain memories to bring out those related to the Crusades, the transplantation of the Christian roots in Central and South America with the inhuman and despicable evangelization at the expense of pre Colombian civilizations; the temporal power of the popes who like the sword to the charity and the terrorist action of the Inquisition that hypocritically put in the hands of justice secular life of the numerous investigated. Forget for Christian charity!

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