martedì 17 novembre 2015


Dramatically involved in the tragic, outrageous terrorist attacks in France, we try to find the root causes leading to the terrorist actions involving shares of the so-called West. Let us strive to be freely disenchanted. We can attribute a shared responsibility of the West that has narrowly exploited and still exploits resources that are beyond the western borders to increase the power of our sublime civilization? Colonialism, it seems disappeared from the nominal definition, but still ambiguously rouged continues undaunted to dominate and exploit resources outside of their territories, leaving the local population as generous sops only flimsy crumbs. Trying not to be thoughtlessly partial ask ourselves what we have helped to allow the use of claims of dictatorial Caliphate. I can express a personal belief, and in fact definitely it criticabilissima estremante difficult to achieve proper operation. The balanced path to be used mainly to allow in the not excessively long dissolution of the aberrant ideology of the Caliphate is to reduce the exploitation of resources that belong to everyone, but in fact only for the benefit of the few; important, it can not be eliminated the mandatory consideration that is criminally clouded the natural dignity of the exploited. Be imbued with a conscious perception corrensponsabilmente affects questionable behavior of our lofty civilization. The beginnings are in the distant past and persist, alternately, but constantly in everyday life. Recall that the violence also justified the car sooner or later begets more violence.

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