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ECOLOGY part 2°

But this circle is not free from consequences just acceptable;
in many ways it produces side effects for individuals and humanity
as a whole, as well as for the entire planet, which need
not to suffer disturbances to the total harmony of the complex
In recent years, you are creating the myth of technology; this is
important to provide a better life for the daily needs.
We must say that the technology is not something unnatural,
It remains within the limits of natural laws chemical-physical properties, of the
knowledge of the properties of the whole Earth. Like all things
this world is limited and always subject to incidents of
various nature.
During this period he insists on compliance with ecological guarantee
many technology products: its advertising promotions are
nagging. Let's say you are only exaggerations untrue because
there can be no ecological technology products. These products
They may be more or less polluting but they will never be
agreement with the ecological criteria for a number of causes that are in
irreconcilable conflict with ecology; for brevity and not generate
sufferings omit a disturbing list. It is stated that
nuclear activities meet the ecological requirements because
cause air pollution using
fossil beds. If you eliminate the use of fossil within
months or a few years would return to the atmosphere clean and healthy
as a few centuries ago; if you eliminate the task immediately
nuclear, time for a normal ecological would
awfully incalculable
The much-discussed security will never be absolute and more abundant
will be the assembled parts, the increasing number of components
They, more difficult it will increase the levels of security and
more and more serious disasters that can ensue. Created the myth, there
They are becoming convinced that the technology holds itself the solution
almost all of the problems that always have impeded the "progress"
of humanity; the constant technological development will solve, gradually
time, most of the difficulties and the man will live better or in
happiness. We have to disillusion us, unfortunately it will not be as stated. Already
Today we are invaded materially from low-technology products
utility. Just walk into a store suitable for realizing that a
large amount of products on display, the common visitor does not know what
They serve; connoisseurs go into raptures small improvements
that encourage them to buy the news. These are drawbacks of
limited value, if not considered in the totality of the technology;
unfortunately very worrying disasters have happened and we can not
excluded that the expected increase will result in more technical,
catastrophic ecosystems and the economy. A prudent development
technology can be useful if you do not exceed certain limits, unless you
passively accept commercial interests of large groups,
distant in their operation by visions a little wider; a
foresight predominantly, or exclusively economic worse.
One has to wonder how much technology are wasting valuable resources
the other type of human advancement certainly more important. How much,
overall, the reason underestimated ecological, set aside
from large industries to increase immediate gains, aggravate
in the future the necessary possibilities to the company for the regular
insertion of human life in all environmental. Authentic
Human progress can not be separated from an organic, dynamic
leveling the possibilities of life of each and all of society.
It can not occur advancement in a situation in which they act
too many consumers polluters, although animated by good
intentions and behaviors, unbalancing harmonic relationships of all
the set.
Most of the intellectuals and politicians are unable or
want to break away from fossilized visions are no longer acceptable; concepts
and questionable values ​​continue to be sown and cultivated in
minds and behavior of the values ​​that often veering the
essential ecological balance and ethical.
Billion IO individually, with the wealth of joys and sorrows,
knowledge, emotions and tendencies, must feel obliged to
claim the balanced acquisition of the rights
fundamental; seek the necessary achievement of full
Individual dignity, to those who have accepted the responsibility of
devote their efforts to the public activity.
We are led to make an argument more complex, although
substantially linear, to say something that almost no one says; the
reasons for this almost silence are various, but not very numerous.
Let's start with discussions and conferences on climate, from Kyoto onwards
They are present in many areas. Let's say that the concerns about
environmental trends are justified and proposals, also related
if reduced, definitely useful.
They are useful but certainly not sufficient in the present and in the future
too far. One immediate observation -
very important for the future remote, impossible
solution in a short time - is the progressive increase of the numerical
human population, in comparison to the terrestrial surface usefully
available and in relation to other physical and biological components.
We must try to find a little of that love turned to the right
son and other intimate; extend that feeling or at least a
Respectfully submitted, either to the next living human and non-human,
that the physically existing.
Definitely not acceptable stresses continually cited
by economic considerations and the need for consumerist
"Growth" of nations and to create jobs with productions
useless or harmful. That give meaning to the concept, at the end
p r o g r e s s o; we can not accept, with the intolerable
simplicity that now involves a copious argue, a
situation extensively widespread. Unacceptable disparities, both ethical and
practice of everyday life, contradict ruthlessly vain words
and unworkable programs. Of the fact that today is progress
unsound; genuine progress can admit positive peaks and
negative dynamics, but little large and limited in time.
Development, progress can only be based on correct
innovations and technological improvements, must necessarily
comprise increased knowledge not elitist but widespread and
determinately reduce the inhuman chasms that insult the dignity
of each component of human society. Eduardo Galeano says, "the
development is a journey with many more shipwrecked sailors "....

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