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It will be more tolerable if the compromise will
Based on a better coherence of national parliaments and the
reducing imbalances.
Surely, some of our most deeply rooted beliefs, will make
end of those products that have passed the expiration date. The
"Obviousness", the secular conceptions, pass the test of history?
The Germans from the noun Suche (search) and the respective verb suchen
(Search) create its noun der Suchende to indicate one
he seeks, namely that not merely notes superficially
the apparent, but rationally and emotionally try to go to
the bottom of things and of itself, without neglecting the interconnected
reports. Even if the search does not lead you to find what one is looking, the
research itself in itself is already the find, it is already a living intensely
limited time that was granted to each; arrive at
awareness and try to go beyond the daily miseries and
stupidity that besiege us inexorably.
Received, not static equilibrium of the balance that brings equal
weights on the two plates but, to a dynamic equilibrium that allows
swings, but not so broad as to endanger the functionality
the active balance.
An unstable equilibrium, variable but harmonious in internal and
with the remainder, that tends constantly to a industrious,
proportionate stability; the temporary balance of equal
equinoxes, day after day, become unbalanced, reach
maximum disparity in the solstices, to return to that inflexibly
point in the cycle that restores equality; dynamic astronomical that
He repeats for billions of years.
In their own little sphere, human society lives in time and
situations reduced its balance can tolerate fluctuations
frequent and irregular. Too large fluctuations are severely
dangerous, generate ignominy, inhumanity, disasters harmony
natural; imbalances determined by the excessive weight that weighs only
on one of the scales. A dynamic balance is essential
for a proper global route; excessive, prolonged
imbalance may explain many of the disasters that punctuate the
human history.
The opposition, the accentuation of its diversity,
see only their own interests without relating with
unavoidable essential interests of others, are some of the imbalances
caused by short-sighted minds, the excessive weight of the vital
Most of the problems today and always perceived and suffered,
They are secondary to the imbalances that humanity has caused and tolerated
in its internal and beyond its natural position (part
of a whole). The search for the reduction of disharmony between man and
man and between man and nature, an active, vigilant balance, is the
essential condition for a planet more livable rightly. If
not acquired this unavoidable necessity, the big ideas,
emphatic resolutions, the sublime desires will only serve to
mobilizing programs that will be short-lived, poorly delineated,
impossible to correlate, lead to proportionate fulfillment.
Inevitable need for Humanity, intelligent driving, operating
of being in a beautiful planet, consonant vitally involved in all
its parts, in harmony with the cosmic balance.
Hegel can be considered ended the epic of the great
philosophical speculations, pledged to seek answers to questions
essential; born after the philosophies of "existence" and philosophies
the "practice", more attentive to the daily life, the needs,
more immediate aspirations, the concreteness simpler. Must
add what we can call the "spirit of knowledge"
motivates the relentless tension towards investigating reality.
Knowing the maximum possible natural behaviors, laws
physico-chemical, connected to cosmicity in which is inserted the presence
Human; approach, as far as humanly possible, to that which is
You can perceive the whole of reality.
The above is a starting point, an invitation to reflect deeply on
need to groped with the perseverance to harmonize and balance
the maximum capabilities, the social and environmental aspects, with
the essence of the whole.
We can not continue to see the world, how he could be seen
few millennia or even centuries ago in conditions
cognitive much smaller, the need for resorting to inventions
imaginative and legendary, now difficult to accept.
Maybe we should reverse the method of analysis, from the
totality, from the relative we know, to try a new
framing particular, the ephemeral, the dynamism of
contingent. Do not forget to include the uniqueness, their
concordances harmonics, the mystical balance of the whole.
Have the humility and courage to deposit the trash pride,
boasted glorious position of the king of creation (which is the only
Earth); not lose a sense of proportion, other realities may
present. The largest current development communications
interpersonal and across cultures, requires us
correcting visions now considerable sclerotic.Not
clinging to views, conceptions imposed by "enlightened" by
numerous texts "sacred" and wisdom; convince us that free, honest
think of all of us, it may be more balanced and correct
the exposed second preconceived ideas or specific interests.
Insert often in our thoughts the seeds of doubt; theirs
development and the related fruits can be greatly useful.
Take a regular route between the real complexity, driven by
ideals of love and knowledge, awareness of our modest
state, harmoniously inserted in an immensity.
Realize that war, terrorism and other assets, have effects
of persistent imbalances generated and increasingly supported by
sighted intelligence, assisted by 'insensitivity of those who
and they may not want to or can not do .... Continue

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