giovedì 12 novembre 2015


Full solidarity logical, rational, expression of free thought that horror of intolerable supremacy. Fully aware of the undeniable dignity of all the physical and biological components of this planet for so full solidarity towards those who are fighting against the installation of the monstrosity that is destroying the naturalness of the territory of Niscemi, prey to intolerable interests of a single-handed nation. Especially sharing and sympathy for people like Antonio Mazzeo, Gianluca Cutrona, Turi Vaccaro and everyone else, that with commitment and manifests exaltation of the dignity of human beings are doing their utmost to prevent the vile monstrosity of Muos.
For a more in-depth and knowledge necessary to consult the website "Agora vox. Citizen news"
Urgent, poignant call for expressions of determinate human dignity, to those US citizens who put in their intimate awareness duty to oppose, not allow the implementation of the arrogant supremacy that it be above all the irrepressible global interests. Gretta supremacy which contradicts all manifestations lagniloquenti many arrogant authority of their nation. All those US citizens who want to be involved and coherent part in full awareness and dignity with the rest planetarium, gets informed their full dignity exact opposition to all those events that attempt to put the US on top of all the components planetary .This attitude, this operation a few could reduce widespread, often justified anti-Americanism.

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