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"Do not surrender to the sleep of ignorance but maybe mocked
all, look for the exception than the rule: "
All men are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Base
critical of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
All the things needed for daily life physics Single
Assets are Primary, those that every civil society must
commit to equally distribute to its citizens; that of which the
Citizens have the essential need to lead their lives,
live their proper freedom, without degrading prayer to
Rights sistenziali And those rights are vital, of intrinsic
acquired at birth dignity of every human being (and not
only), regardless of place of birth, ethnicity of parents,
their social position and more that can characterize a
human being; a person who lives his life correlated with
others and bears the distinctive diversity and uniqueness of
personal life cycle that, in corporate tune with all the
biological components and physical, soul on this planet.
This simple fact should give a clear turning point in
mentality and behavior, still widespread in
society from all continents.
The one offering the governments of rich nations (though the
majority of the people is by no means rich) are "aid" sector,
projects of solidarity, charity, some hospital, looking for sources
water, some school and what they can improve a little life
small communities. Exploited human beings, entire populations
massacred, stripped of all removable wealth, by directing
from others to increase their wealth, regardless of
serious damage to local economies and to the dignity of the exploited.
Not bestow superbly charitable aid, but recognize
Rights can not be eliminated. Mourners have to admit that the "civilization"
West, led by the same civil leaders, already in the past
performed acts of crime and inhumanity extreme, attempting to
exculpation with hypocritical ideals. For the good of humanity in their
overall unit, the only real actions to be taken are those whose
It coincides with the end felt a duty to give everyone rights
existential that he holds (not have need emphatic and disregarded
Explanations), in the shortest time possible, avoiding to the maximum the
difficulties which exist concretely and without giving excuses not
acceptable; the good that they will derive will be for everyone, even for those
who are convinced that the world will always be divided, and the wealth is
reward for their merits, their intelligence and hard work, of which
They lack the "starved".
IF you really want a better humanity as a whole,
more harmonious, balanced and peaceful, the only way to go, is
that the gradual reduction of social disparities, cultural,
seeded dall'alterigia of an elite group that is believed worthy of
privileges acquired with the initiative, the "honest hard work"
unscrupulous industriousness, tax evasion and other worthy qualities.
The intolerable gap between the different living conditions of the entire
company; unacceptable, cruel gap that demeans the intelligence and
dignity of every individual who continues to tolerate such barbarity, and
of all humanity that has as a top priority the
equitable distribution of primary goods and the indispensable use
Rights existential, semi irreplaceable to make seeding which
face create and develop the necessary equity, fairness and
consequential dynamic, active balance, a lasting peace.
Inevitably comes to the attention reflection that Miguel
Hirsch expresses, saying that the worst form of violence is the
economic injustice, because it creates and exacerbates all forms of violence,
especially if too many is accepted as "normal".
Unfortunately, this widely accepted as normal can not be eliminated,
both the economic injustice that the various forms of violence, always
attributed to the inherent wickedness of man (dowry of sin
original?), he has influenced determinately to slow the path
towards a ubiquitous existential parity with the consequent advantages
psychological and economic benefits for all.
The few billion billion molecules, that substantiate the bodies
animals and plants in their harmonic relationships, in line with
the non-living and with the rest of the universe (as today for the
we know) we are told with simplicity, existential rights in
total diversity and variability, constitute a rule for
the entire universe. Let us not forget our
inherent relativity, not nurture stupid arrogance.
We all know that in a cubic millimeter of our blood are
contained five million red blood cells; many do not know (even
those who should know) that a single blood cell is composed of
several millions of molecules that perform different functions, related
with the whole body. Almost unbelievable.
The elementary vital needs of the individual are irrepressible, must
become fundamental requirements of States; be present at the first
point of their programs.

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