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ECOLOGY part 1°

(From Deep Revolution "knowledge and awareness" 2011 edition Lulu)

Misunderstood the concept, practice perception of ecology;
yet his definition, the naturalness of the concrete recognize
the inner meaning, is of a simple accessibility by
anyone, even by those who are "poor in studies."
The concept of ecology is linked, inextricably, assets
balance of systems of our physical and biological world
Related constantly, providing the right counterweight to continue
variability of the structure.
To this activity operating in the course of long times, always
independent, it has now added the activity progressively
disturbing the humanity; It encourages consumption and the tendency to
Human numerical imbalance, exacerbated by the alleged increase
the use of resources increasingly insufficient, for more poorly
distributed. Resulting in the continuous increasing disharmony between
Humanity on the one hand and environment and its ecosystems on the other.
Every human being is a "consumer" on a planet whose capacity
to keep all his creatures is limited; from a point of view
Ethics must condemn social acceptance of fertility and
Human reproductive unlimited.
The focal point of most of the socio-economic problems and
not only remains the excessive human presence, which uses the
nature, unbalanced resources that are, and will increasingly,
Already in 1972 the Norwegian Arne Naess had proposed a
"Platform of deep ecology" with which undermined the
concept of progress and the guiding ideas of industrial civilization, which
They led to the current way of life and therefore the drama
ecological; no living species may benefit from special rights
to live and breed more than any other. They not have been many
interested in new aspects of environmental balance, envisaged by
Naess. Rarely disseminated by the mass media
related concepts; few have heard of Deep Ecology.
This can not be considered an opposition, but a necessary
completion of ecology surface (or surface)
This is ecology that everybody talks about, namely to ensure that the
human progress occurs without pollution exceeding
certain thresholds, without changing too much the environment, maintain
clean the landscape. Not to exceed the pollution quotas
established (?), install filters, purifiers and so can serve
make "clean" nature, enjoy the magnificent clarity and ornament!
Already is something, although clearly insufficient and enough
far from a correct perception of the simple concept of ecology.
We and all other beings are "facets of a single reality
conduct ". Deep ecology gives evidence to the intrinsic value
the nature, as well as a condition geophysics, as was
mood; It goes beyond the petty analyzes of environmental problems, expresses
a complete view of our planet, we need harmonic
compliance and proper consideration of natural components. The
prevalence of any part, which is not proportional with the
remaining, it can only cause repercussions throughout the system.
Devall and Sessions in 1989 drafted a small number of tips
for social behavior that transposes the idea of ​​ecology
deep. Even substantial shares of "intellectuals" have not heard
talk about deep ecology; for the means of mass communication
is a concept that does not exist, even if in its essence is a
simply amazing.
An "ecosystem" does not generate waste and scrap of a kind
naturally processed, they may be useful for another; diversity
It ensures the capacity of the recovery. Few talk about it, unheeded.
The foundation that we drag from childhood leads to a desire to
objects, a race to a continuous increase of material goods.
We all believe that competition is the main spring
progress and our species is the only one worthy of ethical considerations;
It is a process that generates many doubts and offers possibilities
unpredictable deviations and serious outcomes.
Council still valid: Inquire and reflect. The value of
Medical School of Salerno had a clear basis: Observatio et
ratio. There is half the present and our future, generations
that will be, where we are preparing legacy that will give space
problems increasingly difficult solution.
Considerable appreciation for the important commitment of the group
Canadian researchers, led by Ted Mosquin, which in 2004
wrote the "Manifesto of the Earth" in which reproduce the thesis of
Platform of deep ecology Naess. The purpose is to
"Broaden and deepen the understanding and Ecosphere
primary values ​​of the Earth. . . . expand and recognize the value
intrinsic land, oceans, animals, plants and
other creatures. " Paul speaks of Scroccaro Ecosofia and says that it is
"The mental position of those who know that you need to close the faucet
growth, consumerism and waste that has been open for
too much time". Further notes that in the world ravaged by
technique can flourish a new hospitable dwelling; it will be possible
recover the social decay that the era merchant had
marginalized and with it the spirit of the community is not utilitarian,
respectful of all beings, sensitive to the sacredness of the order
The Indian Vandana Dodge is fighting for the defense of the eco
sustainability, biodiversity and the rights of local populations.
The Geofilosofia is especially attentive to the natural aesthetics
landscape, integrated with human activity necessarily respectful
about him.
Remains the only hope that everyone, especially those who do good and
bad weather, we can put our heads in the party, use less
unconscious intelligence that we have.
With technological derivatives, science fits imperiously
in human activities; in the course of time has had the function of
add knowledge, connect them, develop
progressively cognition of reality, by means of which the
human rationality could understand itself and what is
around. A road "endless" so achieved the result sought,
This triggers the impulse to expand the already known. The immediate
fruit of science is the technology that, starting by the acquiree and
new tools produced, leading to even see views
suspects. Exponentially creating a virtuous circle of the
road that has no end ......continues

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